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For a second there, I thought Tenkadori had shut down. It would just be my luck, which is legendary for leading me to eateries/markets/you-name-it which have packed up and long gone.

Well, I shouldn’t have been worried because the hole-in-the-wall Tenkadori doesn’t need signs or marketing. Just a charcoal grill, good vibes and great chicken are all it needs.

So on a mild Saturday afternoon, we slipped in for a quiet lunch, sniffing the sizzling smells emanating from the charcoal grill. The charcoal grill is where the action happens. The chef turns the fat sticks of chicken until they get that caramelized sweetness that comes only from patience and blistering heat.



Chicken yakitori – this is an extremely boring point but from someone who has skewered too many satay sticks to remember – the yakitoris are so evenly skewered. That takes skill.


Crispy katsu chicken.

We ordered the yakitori set lunches which includes two sticks of yakitori, rice, salad and chicken katsu.

Coated with a thin yakitori sauce, the chicken skewers were succulent, with the more-ish aroma drifting off the grill and onto our plates. Somewhere, the carnivore inside of me likes the primeval element of (elegantly) biting and unthreading the chicken pieces.  The flavour of the chicken shone through the slightly sweet marinade – plump and succulent.

However, it was the katsu playing the dark horse. The hot, crispy crust, with no trace of greasiness was incredibly crunchy. The chicken was juicy, perfectly cooked lavished with fruity sauce. My only wish was I had more katsu chicken to eat!




Tenkadori is a good option for a yakitori lunch – I’m guessing Tenkadori must be popular with the weekday workforce? The prices are steeper than food court Japanese but this is another league above – specialised and authentic (plus, run by Japanese, unlike many Japanese fast food places).

We tried only a fraction of their menu – their dinner a la carte menu sounds interesting with a larger variety of grilled items. Next time I’ll be ordering me a big pile of crispy katsu chicken!

5/502 Hay Street Subiaco WA 6008
Phone: (08) 9382 2291

Open Mon – Sat 11 – late

Fully licensed and BYO


Tenkadori on Urbanspoon

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  1. Conor @ Hold the Beef

    Those yakitoris *are* incredibly evenly skewered! Something for us all to aspire to? :)

    Yeah, I need to get here for lunch, it really isn’t that far from UWA plus I could do some lunchtime grocery shopping at that IGA and doubly justify the trip.

  2. mei

    Conor – Love using grocery shopping to justify trips to EAT lol. UWA to Tenkadori is a pretty short trip by bus. I’m looking for those paddle like yakitori skewers – I think it’s time to visit that japanese store at Crossways and fit in a couple of sticks of yakitori soon. :)

  3. food sponge

    After reading your review, I popped in for dinner a few days ago. I was surprised to read on their website that they have 60 stores in Japan & Perth is their first international venture! Little old Perth?

    So we were looking forward to some authentic skewered bbq Japanese food. After ordering about 70% of the menu over a leisurely 2 hour dinner (for 2 people, ahem), we were slightly disappointed to find it was not all skewered items. But cooked on a charcoal grill, yes. The agedashi tofu was sickly sweet.

    Most of the dishes were tasty, but not mind-blowing. We actually came away feeling a bit underwhelmed. I couldn’t believe how quiet the place was, being a Friday evening. Crust next door was doing a roaring trade. There weren’t even takeaway orders. I assume Tenkadori gets busier during the lunch trade.

    So it was good to try it out, but I think Satsuki still does the best Japanese in town.


  4. mei

    food sponge – Hello again! That’s what I thought too – that Tenkadori must do their business during business hours. It’s not the best Japanese in town but in regards to yakitori probably the most authentic (Jun is a contender but I haven’t tried). Love and adore Satsuki thought – their deep fried tuna sushi is amaaazing. Thanks for dropping in! Looking forward to reading your next blog post.

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