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A chat with a workmate (hi Andrea!) got me thinking about how much of my time is absorbed by the internet. One of the reasons why I haven’t blogged in a while (besides a holiday to Singapore) is I’ve been quite addicted to reading blogs and other internet-y things (and maybe, online shopping…).

I will happily read food blogs, decor blogs, personal blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs… until the clock starts counting down to the morning and with it, the job I have to rock up to.

Blogs and websites are a source of inspiration and just like many of you out there, I glean a lot of satisfaction and ideas by exploring websites produced by talented people around the world.

Some of my new favourites:

1 – Six Thousand Things to do in Perth when Dullsville seems a little, well, dull.

2 – Desserts for Breakfast Self explanatory.

3 – Apartment Therapy This site is like therapy after a long day in a green-turned-grey cubicle.

4 –  Miss Little Lime Really loving photograph based, escapist blogs lately.

5 – Simply Recipes When I get stuck for dinner ideas, here is where I come to. The food always looks soooo goood.

6 – Had to sneak this one in, I just found it! Scrumptious tex-mex – Homesick Texan

(What are your favourite online reads?}

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  1. Andrea

    Hi Mei! Ooh thanks for sharing your links, I can already see some of them becoming additions to my list of must-read blogs :)

  2. mei

    Andrea – I think I’ve found a few more to add to the list! Some one help me I’m addicted to reading the internet…

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