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After drinking our fill at the Core Cider House, we drove around looking for a light lunch. Before we knew it, we were in Kalamunda and even though we love Le Croissant to bits (even with the cyclists in tight tight spandex with their bits on show), we headed to Le Paris Brest.

But it was not there. Instead we found Le Galette de France, doing a bustling business beneath the giant Eiffel Tower. The warm pastry aroma, along with the hooting of a very busy coffee machine, were irresistible. Haynes Road is not quite the Champs Elysees but with a fridge full of miniature pastries awaiting our consumption, it certainly will do.



From the top: apple & cinnamon, rose & pistachio, coconut.


Now I could go on about the pies (piping hot, buttery and flakey) and the slightly patchy service (coffee arrived after the food, water never showed). But what I really do want to go on about are the macarons.





They’re good. Really good. Crisp shell, soft, lusciously plump meringue and creamy filling, each macaron was a punch of flavour followed by a sugar rush.

The coconut had a husky creaminess, the apple and cinnamon warmed the heart like a piping hot crumble and the rose and pistachio? Well, just as well we saved it till last – because it was the sublime! With a creamy pistachio filling, it was light as air with the scent of roses.

The thing about macarons, is that for a little cookie they are expensive. There’s not much worse than paying $3 for a cookie that is too sweet or even worse, collapsed on the inside. But Le Galette’s macarons are worth the money. They are probably the best in Perth – and are almost as perfect Pierre Hérme’s delicate confections.


Le Galette de France
22 Haynes Street, Kalamunda WA 6076
T: (08) 9293 2752

Tue – Sun 7am – 4pm

(There are three other Le Galette de France branches, see their website for details.)

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  1. bruisemouse

    I think I am certainly going to need to take a drive up the hill. These look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. mei

    bruisemouse – Winter has a rather wonderful effect on the hills region – good time to go is now! Drop in to Collodel’s (just a few doors down) for a scoop of the best ice cream – it’s worth eating even in chilly weather!

    food sponge – Hello! The texture is sooooo close to perfection, it makes me want to go back to Paris… Le sigh. Thanks for dropping by again. :)

  3. food sponge

    Oh. My. God. Those macarons are perfection. I just love the texture of a Le Galette macaron.

  4. Viviene

    C’etais agréable. I have not found anything that comes close to Pierre Hermé on Rue Bonaparte yet. Will be making my way to La Belle Miette in Hardware Lane soon! (hope it lives up to being on the Melbourne Winter HOT SPOTS list guide).

  5. mei

    Viviene – Hmm you sound familiar…. hehe. The beautiful cake? I hope it lives up to its name! Better start saving calories for Paris, I know mum will be.

  6. Mlle. S

    I often buy macarons and other delights from La Galette in Nedlands. However, I have tried Alexander’s Macarons at Subi Farmers Market and I think his macarons are superior to La Galette or other macarons I have had in Perth. One macaron I would stay away from are those sold at The Greenhouse. Terrible!!! Wrong texture, too thick, disgusting cream filling and too sweet. I have no idea if they make them in-house or order them in, but whatever it is, they are wrong. Hehe…but do try Alexander’s if you have not.

  7. mei

    Mlle. S – We first spotted Alexander (his portrait on his flyer is hilarious) at Poynter farmers market, then Clontarf and then Western Farmers… he’s really expanding! I found his macarons were okay – the ones I got were quite hollow, the insides had collapsed, but that may have been one of his earlier batches. Thanks for the Greenhouse tip (haven’t been there – yet). One thing to try at Alexander’s are his caneles – they are like tiny custard filled sponges with a caramel crust – really hard to find in Perth. Will be keeping an eye on your blog! Welcome to the world of blogging. ;)

  8. Mlle.S

    Thank you!
    I will look out for the caneles. I first had Alexander’s macarons in late June, so perhaps he did improve from your first taste?

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