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Cheeseburger sushi

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Three words: Deep fried sushi!!

I swear, that cheeseburger sushi is healthy food gone evil. Golden, crunchy crust – who knew deep fried rice could be so good – with a filling of steak and oohey-gooey, melting cheese. With a slick of creamy, spicy mayonnaise, it is verging on sickly (but sickly good, if that makes sense).

Then after three, maybe four pieces, maybe not so good. These are rich little buggers.



There’s also a bacon cheeseburger version.

That’s just as well, because I wouldn’t order anything else from Iku. We ordered a sizeable fraction of the menu and none of it, besides the cheeseburger sushi, will be a repeated event.

Everything else we ate – the inari sushi, the bento box and the signature sushi set were afflicted by rice that wanted to be glue. It was like swallowing cannonballs. (The salad in the bento box was nice though.)

This is a case of a shop making one thing really, really well. The cheeseburger sushi is a crass, sinful but delicious snack – a bit like the deep fried twinkie.


Iku Sushi
140 William Street, Perth, Australia 6000
T: (08) 9322 6008

Mon – Thu 7.30am – 7pm
Fri 7.30am – 9pm
Sat – Sun 11am – 5.30pm


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  1. Trish

    I don’t know whether that’s gross or fantastic! The photo is cringe-worthy, yet I feel a strange urge to taste them… Great shot, though, as usual!

  2. mei

    Trish – Hi Trish! That’s melted cheese and deep fried crumbs give the sushi a KFC-like vibe. So good but so bad! I shot that photo with my left hand, holding chopsticks (and sushi) in the right lol! Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Iku Sushi – Hello, I have emailed you the reply. Hope it helps.

    Wendy – Hi Wendy! Ooh crunchy sushi rice!?!?! Yuk yuk yuk. (In that case, gimme gluey rice any day.) I do hope they get their game on, or else the cheeseburger sushi may turn to a thing of the past, like too many Perth ventures. :( Thanks dropping in, really appreciate it. Gee – you are brave to wake up for the markets at this time of the year. ;) Happy shopping and eating. :)

  3. Iku Sushi

    Hi Mei,

    Thank you for your blog review on our store :)

    May we please ask a few questions to help us – production wise?
    Which day your visit was and what time?
    Also, what specific items did your dining party order?

    Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you!

    iku sushi

  4. Wendy

    Gave them three shots. The first couple times was within 3 weeks of their opening and rice was seriously undercooked. Sushi rice is not meant to be crunchy.

    But being newly opened, I was willing to have another shot at it once the kinks were ironed out. The last time was just last week. It has improved, but I had the opposite reaction to you in that the rice was a little bit loose for sushi rice. There really feels like a lack of consistency here!

    By the way, enjoy your blog heaps, especially the section on the farmers’ markets. Just visited the Clontarf markets last week on the basis of your entry and loved it!

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