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Sunrise over the Perth skyline.

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It’s not often we go out for breakfast. While I definitely prefer to cocoon myself under the quilt and tinker with the idea of a preferably pan fried brunch (or even better, have the other half cook so I can stumble into a hot breakfast), I am just not a morning person.

So it was close to miraculous, I was at King’s Park, watching K and Martin take photos of the sunrise (and trying not to yawn!). It was a beautiful sunrise but only one thing can get me going at that ungodly hour: food. Once that sun had well and truly risen (not a moment too soon I may add) we headed to Mrs. S for breakfast.




On the corner of Whatley and Eighth Avenue in Maylands, Mrs. S is a little retro cafe, with a nostalgic menu and decor aiming for somewhere between Pleasantville and Albany. With an eye catching array of cakes and sweets (looks to be inspired by Ottolenghi in London – right down to the meringues) and cute kitchenware for sale, Mrs. S is incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why.

It’s the bottles of water brought to the table, the careful plating and chirpy service. It’s the huge communal table and instead of lots of tables crammed together, space for kids and prams to park. Basically, the crowds come for the generosity ad honesty. (Come early, or be prepared to wait for a table.)


IMG_9917  IMG_9869

Left: Grandma June’s cornbread (with two chipolatas as extras). Right: The menu is inside a Little Golden Book (remember those?).



My breakfast is a door stopper sized slice of cornbread – times two – with pools of maple syrup. Yum. And rashers of good quality, sweet, smokey bacon and two ivory white, perfectly poached eggs. The extra chipolatas were plump and perfectly cooked and juicy. Though the cornbread was more a cake with corn kernels mixed in, than actual gritty cornbread, it was a great companion for soaking up all that wonderful maple syrup and luscious bacon fat.

All of the above was being sauced by the runny egg yolk, making one substantial breakfast worth rolling out of bed for.



Hot chocolate with Callebaut chocolate chips.

But, (there’s always a but isn’t there) not everything can be perfect. The Callebaut hot chocolate was a large mug of hot milk accompanied by Callebaut chocolate chips to be stirred in. It ended up being a very thin hot chocolate and not the thick, decadent hot chocolate I expected.


IMG_9910 IMG_9902


K’s big breakfast had the same fabulous bacon and chipolatas with two big slices of toast with two eggs, sunny side up. The big breakfast looked great and K dove right in, but halfway through realised the mushrooms were missing! (It looks quite suspect when that happens… anyway, the mushies were brought out quickly.)

The ‘baked beans’ were a highlight – a refreshing mix of assorted beans and chickpeas in a rich tomato stew. Beats the stuff in cans hands down and is something worth replicating at home. The tomato chutney was particularly nice with the chipolatas and I ended up stealing some for the cornbread.

Oh and the coffee was pretty good too. And there’s a great range of magazines. I could stay here all day with a stack of magazines and a big wedge of cake. Good, honest food (despite the faults above – nitpicking really – the food is fabulous), smooth coffee and a relaxed atmosphere, I would definitely do breakfast at Mrs. S again.



Mrs. S
178 Whatley Crescent, Maylands WA 6051
T: (08) 9271 6690

Open Tue – Fri 7am – 4pm, Sat – Sun 8am – 4pm



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  1. Jessica

    After one of the other shop owners on Whatley Crescent raved to me about the food at Mrs. S I’ve been meaning to check it out. I think your post has given me the kick I needed; the food looks amazing!

  2. mei

    Jessica – Hello! Maybe we should go for lunch or brekkie one day? I know you would LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchenware there – totally up your alley. (Oh I wish I lived north of the river!)

    mrs. s – My pleasure – we’ll be back soon!

  3. mrs.s

    thank you for such a lovely review!! mrs. s xx

  4. Adrian

    I went here a few weeks ago and enjoyed it too. I also had the cornbread. I will have to go back again soon too – was hoping to try the lunch menu.

  5. Bryt

    eep, that must’ve been cold!!! I’m with you on that one though, food’s the only thing that can coax me out of bed, otherwise, I don’t do mornings. Those eggs look gorgeously delicious :)

  6. mei

    foodie cravings – Maple syrup is good on everything! I’m not a bacon lover at all but I really loved the bacon at Mrs. S. I hope you have a good time. Next on our Mayland’s list is Chapel’s. :)

    Bryt – Hi Bryt! Yeah it was frigging freezing!!! Mornings are just written off for me, usually – but I find weekend mornings much more tolerable. ;)

  7. foodie cravings

    Maple syrup with bacon & eggs is becoming so popular these days -I’ve only had it once :) think your pic has persuaded me to try it again. Mrs S here I come!

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