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The brand spanking new SBS Feast magazine finally hits the news stands today! The reason for the pent up excitement (and smiley face) is because yours truly is a contributor. (Boy, it has been hard keeping my big mouth shut.)

Though there are a lot of food magazines on the market, Feast offers something different. There’s a lot about people, culture and travel (which is what food is really all about). It’s diverse and quite eclectic. In this first edition there’s Clotilde Dusoulier (from French super blog Chocolate and Zucchini), talking about Parisian picnics, lots about Turkish food and even a tutorial about Malaysian roti canai.

The subject of my very first article in print is Korean food in the city (‘Koreatown’ I guess?). If you are yet to try Korean food, check out Took Bae Kee 2 (or the original Took Be Gi on Pier St) now. It’s one of my family’s absolute favourite restaurants – good value, good food and awesome kimchi. The seafood pancake is pretty fabulous too.


IMG_8836  IMG_8821

Left: K with his sourdough. Right: Yummy pizza lunch at sourdough class.

The second is a review of Yoke Mardewi’s sourdough class, which run at her house and various locations in Perth. K and I had a hoot and a half pummelling dough and making sourdough loaves from scratch (being the only man amongst many women didn’t hurt either).


img-801185451-0001 IMG_8849

Left: The article (will scan and upload soon). Right: Photographer Jackson Eaton capturing the shot.

Anyway, check out the magazine – it’s only $6.50.


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  1. Martin

    Congrats on your first article in print!

  2. mei

    Martin – Thanks!

    Madame Chesson – Make that cocktail a strong one, merci.

    tarabozo – Thanks mum! Will make you a sourdough loaf one day, when it gets warmer.

    Bruisemouse – I think the edition will be available until 5th of September, that’s when the 2nd issue is out. (Though I won’t have any articles in it, I wonder if they have another Perth writer?) How was your trip to Spain?

    Sam – Hey Sam! Thanks :) I didn’t even notice the sunnies! Maybe that’s why he’s not in any of the mag shots?? :)

  3. Madame Chesson

    Wow! Felicitations, nous sommes très heureux pour toi! Congratulations on your first foray into the publishing world! Nice work!
    I will have a cocktail for you at Le Meurice to celebrate, on route to le sud de la france ;)

  4. tarabozo

    Congratulations on your two articles. My favourite yummy korean food joint. Cant beat homebaked sourdough bread!

  5. Bruisemouse

    Congratulations! That is fabulous. I will need to get someone to buy a copy for me.
    I bought myself the sourdough cooking class for Mothers’ Day and loved it. I want to put all that learning to good use soon.
    I will certainly try the restaurant when I am back Perth.

  6. Sam


    That’s fantastic. Congratulations. I’ll have to grab a copy the next time I’m at the shops.

    (Although you could have at least gotten K to take the sunnies off his head… :-) )

  7. Camilla


    Just bought a copy of the magazine … subscribed immediately … and on google search found your blog. I love the mag and your article on Korean food in Perth (I live in Perth … although I am currently on a work placement in Port Hedland … and I can’t wait to get back to try the restaurants mentioned!). I have also already registered my interest in the sourdough classes with Yoke … again, excitement +++

    Congrats and continue the great work!



  8. mei

    Camilla – Wow thanks Camilla! What’s the food scene like in Port Hedland? To be honest, I am yet to subscribe but I will sooner or later! Enjoy the magazine and enjoy the Korean food. Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it! :)

  9. food sponge

    Big congratulations on being published in Feast!
    I also love Took Be Gi for their variety of dumplings, but it can be so hard to get a table!
    Another favourite Korean place is Kim Chee House – have you been there?

  10. mei

    food sponge – Hello! Welcome back to the blogosphere, was wondering where you’d been (Bali! Lucky you!). I’ve heard of Kim Chee House – is that in Chinatown? On the subject of kimchi, we recently found a place selling kimchi (and bulgogi beef) by weight in Myaree. The kimchi is made by one woman and it is fantastic. Better than the vacuum packed stuff.

    Alison@streetfood – Thanks Alison – loved your article too! (Out of curiousity: did you find your credit straightaway?) I’m hoping to write more articles for them, but it does seem I will have to wait at least until after issue 2. Look forward to seeing more of your writing. :)

  11. Alison@streetfood

    Hi Mei

    Loved your article on Koreatown in Perth – I wondered where all the good food was hiding there! I was thrilled like you to see my article published too (on a Thai supermarket in Sydney). Feast is a beautiful magazine to be involved in indeed.

  12. food sponge

    Hi Mei – Yes I’ve been a bit absent from the blogging world, not just due to holidays but life in general!
    Kim Chee House is in the Chinatown cluster of restaurants (the one off Roe St). Closed on Tuesdays (this is ingrained in my memory). Favourite dish: sliced pork hock.
    Is the Myaree place called Perth Kim Chi, in the same complex as Ipoh Garden Restaurant?

  13. mei

    food sponge – The work/life/blog balance, the bane of every blogger. :( Lol I love how it’s ingrained in your memory (must be good!). Yes I think it is called Perth Kim Chi. Really loved the dried squid kimchi, yum.

  14. Bruisemouse

    Spain was fabulous and we had the most amazing Spanish tortillas in Barcelona from a little out of the way cafe. The potato was delicious. My son even described it as a chip pie. Amazing ice creams.
    Paris was wonderful with all of the patisseries. Yum.
    Now in Germany and getting into the food here. Quite a variety of food in our part of Berlin and wonderfully priced. I just need to learn a little more German to make my way successfully through the supermarkets.

  15. mei

    Bruisemouse – Chip pie! Love it! When we were in Spain, we realised we had not eaten a scrap of vegetable – except tortilla – for the whole trip, it was all jamon, tapas and russian salad. Not a bad diet but for the muffin top! K wants to go back for the amazing food… If you like gingerbread or speculaas, you should try some speculaas spread – it should be in the supermarkets – and makes a nice food momento. Happy holidaying and eat up!

  16. Albis

    Congratulations Mei, I am finally back in Perth (I brought something for you and K) so I will buy the magazine on Monday.

  17. mei

    Albis – Hello! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. We’ll get together for dinner soon, I think it’s our turn to host a dinner party. ;) Loved the cuy castle btw, heheh.

  18. Andrea

    Hi Mei! Congrats on the article!! Will definitely be looking out for a copy next time I’m at the shops :)

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