We’ve only ordered coffees here but I keep finding myself coming back to Venn. A museum-worthy shop at the front (I love museum shops!), cafe at the back and an art gallery upstairs, the former flour mill is a multi-talented hang out, with a vibe that could be described as Melbournian. I love to browse the shop’s wrapping paper, notebooks and stylish odd and ends.



Arogostine pastry



Thick custard in the centre.

Just by chance the other day, I couldn’t resist picking one of these up – an arogostine pastry. (It’s also known as a lobster tail pastry – ‘arogosta’ is Italian for lobster.) A crispy, thousand layered sea shell pastry, it’s quite similar to the larger sfogliatelle (but with a custard filling free from the dreaded peel!). (This is one pastry not worth making at home. Watched it being made on Italian Food Safari and it’s just crazy.) The shell shatters into a million pieces when bit into but the decadence is worth the mess – revealing a lovely, golden custard within. Yum.

Yep, as if there weren’t enough reasons to visit, these pastries will pull me back with magnetic force.




16 Queen Street, Perth WA 6000
T: (08) 9321 8366

Mon – Tue 7am – 5pm, Wed – Fri 7am – 12midnight, Sat 9am – 12midnight


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  1. danica

    i have been dying to check this place out, but have yet to make the trip. will definitely have to do so soon – that pastry looks divine.

  2. mei

    danica – I’m hoping the pastry was not a once off, fluke find! It certainly was divine. Thanks for dropping by. :)

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