western farmers’ market

  Wow, how this market has thrived! Queues to buy farm fresh vegetables, lots of pooches and home made icy poles, the Western Farmers’ market is deliciously vibrant with community spirit. There’s about three larger fresh produce stalls selling everything your crisper needs, plus a couple of smaller stalls selling specific produce. Great buys included […]

lemon meringue cupcakes

  My first lemon meringue pie was a voluptuous creation at King St Cafe.  At ten years of age, King Street Cafe seemed quite posh and I was excited, eager to add another confection to my repertoire. Plunging through a cloud of meringue and neon filling, after a wait that seemed to last forever, the […]

high tea : bellisa cafe

  Sometimes high teas come from the least expected locations. If I told you this high tea was served within view of a Harley Davidson dealership in a pot holed car park, would you believe me? This rather fetching one is served at Bellisa Cafe, in little old Bedford (parts of which need a dire […]

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