western farmers’ market



Wow, how this market has thrived! Queues to buy farm fresh vegetables, lots of pooches and home made icy poles, the Western Farmers’ market is deliciously vibrant with community spirit.

There’s about three larger fresh produce stalls selling everything your crisper needs, plus a couple of smaller stalls selling specific produce. Great buys included strawberries (get them while spring is here) – so perfect they looked plastic fantastic. Rainbow carrots, free range eggs from Wanneroo for $4.50 a dozen and the season’s first bundles of asparagus were must buys.



Spring always brings the best produce – squeaky eggplants and the increasingly popular purple carrots.


IMG_1151 IMG_1166

Left: Gorgeous stalls of produce. Right: Stripes on guys are in fashion?


The Homemade Temptations stall. Look at all those jams.

Fat bulbs of garlic with papery stem still attached were an exceptional buy. Garlic is always a good buy at farmers’ markets (imported garlic, besides being sprayed, doesn’t quite taste the same). Jars of creamy passion fruit butter, cakes and endless jams beckoned from the aptly named Homemade Temptations stall. I also picked up a smoked trout (each trout is around the $10 mark) which will be flaked into a creamy pasta sometime soon.



Fresh farm peas! Haven’t seen these for a long time. Brings back memories of childhood slave labour, podding peas for mum.


Smoked trout, yum.


It was an effort to get my market basket back to the car…

This is a really popular market for young families (and their cute dogs). A playground, picnic tables with checked cloths complete with fresh flowers are a sight for sore eyes on Sunday mornings. There’s even a ‘dog bar’ with water bowls for the pooch.

For the kids, there’s the unbeatable P&C sausage sizzle (dessert is a choc dipped banana from an esky) and for the adults, the gourmet brekkie burger stall is a popular choice. A Thai food stall and Alexander’s Macaroons make great take home treats to stretch the market experience even further into the day.

Western Farmers’ Market
Palmyra Primary School, 60 McKimmie Street, Palmyra WA 6157
Open every Sunday 7.30am – 12.30pm

See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.



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  1. Katy

    Those carrots look incredible – fantastic shot :)

  2. mei

    Katy – Thanks!

    Bruisemouse – These markets are really sweet. It’s not over commercialised like some other markets and has a great family atmosphere. I’ll be heading there soon to try the fruit juice icy poles! Thanks for dropping by. :D

  3. Bruisemouse

    These look like great markets. I look forward o trying them out.

  4. Bryt

    I love visiting farmers markets, always remind me of summer. With this warm weather, I’m thinking it’s high time I start my visits up again. And those photos are gorgeous, love the colours of those carrots!

  5. mei

    Bryt – I think with the weather warming up, it’s going to be easier to not sleep in and head into the markets. Mmm carrots… :)

    Lorraine – Aw thanks!

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I was very taken by that first photo of the carrots! They look amazing! :o

  7. Madame Chesson

    Hmmmm brings back sweet memories of the BIO market on Rue Raspail….

  8. mei

    Madame Chesson – Unfortunately no galettes or rotisserie chicken to be seen. :(

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