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The revamped City Farm Growers Markets are a welcome sight on Saturday mornings. The new outdoor setting is like a walk in a park, complete with an onsite cafe and stalls of organic produce.

A medium sized market, the stallholders at City Farm have been carefully curated to a farmers’ market charter. This is the only market in Perth where everything is either organic, converting to organic or ethically and sustainably grown and produced. Impressively, everything you need is here, including milk and meat. (Curiously the meat is not openly promoted, you have to keep your eyes peeled… perhaps it is hidden away from vegetarian shoppers?)

Luckily we put more than what we needed into the parking meter, because all the stalls are worth at least a browse. (So much for ‘just having a look’.)


IMG_1007 IMG_0995

Left: Those tiny kiwifruit are gooseberries! So cute! Right: Rainbow chard.


Every child’s nightmare – lots and lots of leafy greens!



Freshly dug potatoes, lemons and still green purple garlic.

If you are keen on organic produce, the City Farm markets are worth sacrificing the Saturday morning sleep in. Bundles of veggie patch fresh onions, garlic and leeks were great buys – plus there’s quite a range to pick from. There’s fruit fresh from the orchard – tiny, sweet gooseberries, knobbly apples (the way they are supposed to be) and I think I even saw mangoes in there somewhere. There were curious eggs to be found – goose eggs, duck eggs and even guinea fowl eggs.


IMG_1024 IMG_1020



During that particular weekend, there was even free fruit! Well, sort of. City Farm’s mulberry trees were loaded with mulberries, ripe for the picking. Sweet and dribbling with juice, nothing beats a mulberry straight from the tree. Perhaps stolen fruit always does taste best.


IMG_0974 IMG_1050


Loafers is a must stop. Gorgeous loaves still wearing burnished coats of flour were golden and rustic. Unlike mass bakery ‘sourdoughs’ which use a commercial lactic starter, Loafers’ loaves are left to ferment and develop their characteristic taste. We bought an olive loaf which gave us a surprise when sliced open – it was jam packed with black olives. Toasted with extra virgin olive oil and topped off with tomatoes and basil, they made an extra special weekend treat.





Another must see is the Ringwould dairy stall. Their fresh, soft curd and marinated feta cheese are delicious – probably because they come from happy goats. (If Ringwould rings a bell, they featured on the Queen’s dinner menu when she recently came over for CHOGM.) The marinated feta is amazing. Swimming in rosemary scented olive oil, the plugs of goats milk feta were luxuriously soft and rich. It’s quite expensive at $18 a tub but if you are cheese lover, it is good value.




I have to admit, I can never, never go past macarons without buying at least one. Okay, maybe three. (It’s always good to have a cross section of flavours, right?)

Visiting City Farm markets is a great excuse to peep around the urban farm. It’s pretty unique to have a productive permaculture farm so close to a CBD. Check out the chooks, ducks, nursery and water recycling tanks (the first time I visited there was a HUGE green frog that I thought was plastic inside the water tank. It scared the bejeezers out of me). Run by a volunteer organisation, the farm runs regular workshops ranging from cooking lessons to making your very own wooden spoon, so check out their website.


City Farm Growers’ Market
1 City Farm Place, East Perth WA 6004
Open every Saturday 8am – noon

See my farmers’ market page to find more markets in and around Perth.



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  1. Ink Paper Pen

    Delicious! I used to go to City Farm events when I was in my early twenties but having been away from Perth for so long it had been ages since I visited. Thanks for the reminder! NOw, I am back in the big smoke I will most certainly be checking out the revamped City Farm. Your photos are gorgeous

  2. mei

    Ink Paper Pen – Yes go visit! The revamp has benefited the market immensely. City Farm is also behind the vegetable garden in the city – just before the Perth railway station pedestrian overpass, across from the art museum cafe – and are looking for volunteers for planting and harvesting. Personally, I hope they run the wooden spoon workshop again, I’m slightly obsessed with them lol. Have fun in the Big Smoke!

  3. Mrs Tweedles

    I love farmers’ markets! Knobbly apples taste far better than what we buy in supermarkets… and freshly picked berries? Oh yum!!

  4. mei

    Mrs Tweedles – This year I’m hoping to head down south to pick blueberries as a sideline ‘new year’s resolution’… So yummy especially in muffins. I heard mulberry ice cream is particularly fine (must head back to city farm later this year for a freebie crop ehehehe). Thanks for dropping by Mrs Tweedles!

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