chocolate gingerbread cupcakes

    There’s no other time I eat gingerbread but at Christmas. Which is a shame, because like turkey, I love it to bits. This one is rich, dark and mysterious (like a dream man, really) with nubbly bits of chocolate within and a warm hint of spice. The lollies were an irresistible early Christmas […]

the rice noodle house

  The breakfast of choice for many Malaysians, I could eat this nasi lemak at any hour. Nasi lemak is a synergetic dish that relies on basic ingredients to make each forkful a fragrant mouthful. The rice is warm and fragrant with the silkiness of coconut milk. Best of all there’s lots of it – […]

magic in the middle cookies

    Every year I am determined to make cookies for Christmas. Last year, my reindeers were two legged with no necks; the year before, burnt beyond recognition. But this year – bring it on. Yes readers, you will see a couple of cookie recipes before we wash up in this year’s silly season. To […]

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