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The breakfast of choice for many Malaysians, I could eat this nasi lemak at any hour. Nasi lemak is a synergetic dish that relies on basic ingredients to make each forkful a fragrant mouthful. The rice is warm and fragrant with the silkiness of coconut milk. Best of all there’s lots of it – a fluffy foil for the fried peanuts (papery skins and all), crispy ikan bilis anchovies and hot, red sambal.

The crunchy, salty and hot condiments are so well balanced, that the rendang was almost overlooked. The rendang was more authentic than most, though next time I’ll go the fried chicken strips, which by the way, are mighty fine here.

The best nasi lemak in Perth? I think it just might be.


The Rice Noodle House
114 Barbican St East, Shelley, WA 6148
T: (08) 9259 5532

Mon – Sat 11.30am – 2pm
Thu – Sat open for dinner

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