The Yard, Fremantle Markets Unlike Perth’s CBD buildings, most of which have been torn down, built and torn down again, Fremantle has kept most of its heritage buildings giving it character unto its own. New age shops, club houses (what is the Buffalo Club anyway?) and art galleries inhabit the old facades with their own […]


  Very ripe tomatoes lingering in the crisper means bruschetta. The epitome of summer’s flavour, I prefer to make it at home than order it in a restaurant. Partly because I can consume with abandon (I use a smash-in-face technique which is not a pretty sight). The second reason being it’s dead simple to put […]

melbourne part 2

Churchill Island. Cute sheep who like to think they’re road blocks. (This post is continued from Melbourne Part 1.) Before exiting Phillip Island, we drove to Churchill Island, the entirety of which is a farm complete with gorgeous sea views. It’s very different from the holiday village atmosphere of Phillip Island and feels remote, like […]

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