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We always see something weird and wonderful at Little Creatures. Last time, it was a waiter that looked like a pirate. (Seriously.) (We had a hard time figuring out if he was an employee or plain weirdo.) He stuck out. And for Freo that is saying something. This time, the caped crusaders Batman and Wonderwoman were doing the rounds.

At least it keeps things interesting, while the food arrives. Meanwhile, whether you are a local or a tourist, downing a light beer is a mandatory, pleasurable activity in Little Creatures.



IMG_1072 IMG_1098


Creature’s buckets of frites leave the kitchen like hotcakes. They aren’t the best frites, maybe a little soggy at times but they very more-ish with the aioli (and especially the beer). Before we know it we are down to the bottom of the bucket, fishing for the last crispy bits to scrape away the last of the dip.

Our half dozen of natural oysters make me remember how a good freshly shucked oyster tastes. Each briny oyster is creamy and plump. They go down a treat with the acidic mignonette dressing.




The prawn and coriander pesto pizza is served piping hot from the oven. The prawns are put through the oven raw so they come out pink and juicy. The coriander pesto lends an odd-but-good Thai tinge to the pizza, the base of which is barely crisp, soft and pliable. This pizza is damn popular – it’s been on the menu for years and there would probably be riot if removed.  This also eats really well with beer. Or is it the beer that drinks well with everything?




We head out for dessert on the Cappuccino strip and I have to admit, its hard to leave the cavernous bustle, fairy lights and the sea views behind. Little Creatures confuses the foodie in me. The food is simple and probably not the greatest value. But it’s the place, its character and vibes (and even the quirky stuff) which make it magnetic.

It’s just so Freo. Love it.






Little Creatures Brewery
40 Mews Road, Fremantle WA 6160
T: (08) 94305555

Mon – Wed 10am – midnight
Thu – Fri 10am – 12am
Sat 9am – 12am
Sun 9am – 11pm

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  1. Simon

    I have to admit that i know what you mean in regards to little creatures. I kind of feel the same way, also i find that it is a little bit too lively to focus on the food that is put in front of you.

  2. mei

    Simon – Hey Simon! Happy new year :) It’s just one of those places that does get over hyped, but visitors still shouldn’t miss it. Basically, it is just a pub isn’t it? Thanks for dropping by!

    Lemon – Hello there! Little Creatures, despite being owned by a big company just has that formula right. Seaside, beer and food are an especially great combination for a summer weekend. Though I’m not sure if it beats baguette and a wedge of cheese picnic in Paris.. ;)

    Madame ChessonPart deux is up!

  3. Madame Chesson

    For homesick Perthies living in Melboune, head down to Little Creatures on Brunswick St Fitzroy. Their new Pipsqueak Pear cider is a winner, which comes out of a garden tap (literally).

  4. Lemon

    This seems to be an absolutely lovely place, the food looks great and the atmosphere seems to be perfect.

  5. leKarre

    I love love love your blog. It’s consistently good, informative and spot on with its criticisms. I don’t know what happened, but one day I woke up and discovered the entire population of Perth had gotten a DSLR and started a food blog; they’re generally woeful “I had the pasta, it was crap” – not helpful/ insightful or entertaining!


  6. mei

    leKarre – LOL yeah there certainly was an explosion of food blogs. Commitment to a serious food blog is a time sucker and that’s probably the reason behind short, critical posts of some blogs – though there are definitely gems out there! (Love reading those.) I really appreciate your comment, it’s really great to see who is actually reading. Thanks leKarre!

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