salted caramel macarons (and tips for baking a good macaron)

  More often than not, something always goes wrong when baking macarons. These salted caramel macarons were almost perfect (not hollow – tick; feet – tick; thin shell – tick), but I did the worst thing of all. The worst. I oversalted the filling. Way to go.     But every mistake is a lesson […]

melaka, malaysia

  While I’ve been to Malaysia many times before, this time it wasn’t with my family (rather it was K’s) or in my hometown. It meant, for once, the visit was through the eyes of a tourist, with a bit (okay, quite a bit) of insider knowledge thrown in. Which (yes I’m late to the […]

giveaway! cuisinart ice cream maker

  Because it’s summer (and who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot day?), we have 1.5L Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker from Kitchenware Direct to give away! It comes in a choice of cute colours – red, green, blue, yellow (my favourite, just saying), orange and pink. And even white. (I won’t think any less […]

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