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Though these poori were bigger than I expected, they were almost as good as I remember them to be. It’s funny that we always seek the food of our childhood, no matter if it was eaten many times or just once. The last time I ate poori was about 15 years ago and here they are again. (No love lost for these crisp babies. Yum!)

Serendipity works in interesting ways. Not only was the poori jogging the memory, I also couldn’t quite figure out the biryani. Then a familiar face appeared behind the counter – get this – it turned out I had indeed eaten the same food (by the same cook) at a Deepavali celebration a few years ago. Her food is indeed so fabulous she decided to open Spice Express.

IMG_0059 IMG_0054

A lamb biryani thali


Anyway, back to the poori. A poori is a deep fried, puffy, gossamer-thin pastry eaten with with a selection of masala or thin curries, They are best eaten with fingers, scooped into gravy and eaten before it falls apart. It’s simple food, but when it’s done well it’s wonderful comfort food.

I’d advise skipping the nasi lemak and going for something more elaborate, like the biryani. It’s an incredibly intense curry (usually curries in Perth are too weak) that hits the spot. It’s served with a mound of speckled orange rice, raita and a pappadum dotted with cumin seeds.

On the weekends, appams, Indian rojak (fritters with peanut sauce) and idlii pack out the place. But what I would come back for are the poori. Made only on the weekends, it looks like I’ll have to (happily) battle the crowds to get my deep fried fix.



Spice Express
41 Hulme Court  Myaree WA 6154
T: (08) 9330 3687

Tue – Sun 9am – 3pm
Spice Express on Urbanspoon

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  1. Simon

    Biryani is my favourite indian dish! I am going to give this place a try :)

  2. mei

    Simon – Woah you are up late! Let me know what you think of Spice Express. Their food is Singaporean/Malaysian so it’s a bit different from the usual. Night night! :)

  3. Chompchomp

    Poori sound delicious! Do you know what sort of pasty they are made of? Any chance they could be gluten free (like pappadums) as I would love to try…..

  4. mei

    Chompchomp – Unfortunately poori are usually made out of wholemeal or all purpose wheat flour. However, I have heard appams, idlii and thosai are made from mixtures of ground rice and daal. Worth checking those out – especially appam and thosai if you are craving something crisp. :) Hope that helps!

  5. Chompchomp

    Thanks Mei! Will look out for them on my next Indian eating session! :)

  6. Zamaro

    Great food + Friendly owner + green containers + low price = AWESOME!

  7. Lemon

    This looks so so good, I’d love to have some of it, now.

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