lapa brazilian

  "She. Is. Stunning.” I may as well have been talking about the maître d (not that I was looking closely but Lapa’s staff are noticeably, very good looking…) but the beauty is actually the metal behemoth in the kitchen. It’s a huge barbeque on which impaled morsels of meat are cooked over gas flame. […]

aisuru sushi

  This place has service problems. Now that’s out of the way, you know what, we’ll probably be back. Their sushi rocks and I reckon a lot of you will like it. The sushi is made fresh to order in full view, so get some ring side seats and watch the action. It’s quite riveting, […]

gelato in rome

Pistachio gelato from Cremeria Monteforte Just like every other wide eyed tourist, I fell head over heels in love with Rome. Its voluptuous food, churches and cobblestone streets, draped in the summertime air, was just hypnotic. And even though I didn’t hurl a coin into the Trevi fountain (not allowed anymore, turns out coins are […]

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