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Ricotta and smoked salmon bruschetta

With big Edison light bulbs, all day brunch, to the three little pie birds on the wall and eclectic Northbridge location, the Tuckshop is just so right. This is the cafe I wish was my local. But, for now, for the duration of a lunchy breakfast (or a breakfasty lunch) I can always pretend.

As soon as our bums hit the school room chairs, we are given menus, water and soon after (and most importantly since the only thing I love more than food is a sleep in) are our coffees. Is it just me, or is the service in Perth improving? The coffee is Toby’s Estate and it’s pretty smooth, even in the monstrosity that is soy milk.



Toby’s Estate coffees. If you’re wondering why the front flat white looks odd, well that’s soy milk for you.



Though I’m sucked in by the decor, the food is what brings us back. The menu encompasses both breakfast and lunch, so really, you can have berry pancakes at lunch and a steak pie for breakfast.

Anyway for once, I have something light. I order the smoked salmon and ricotta bruschetta and it’s a sight for my bleary morning eyes. (When’s the last time you’ve seen cafe food look this good?) A well toasted, long slice of ciabatta has been lovingly spread with ricotta and topped with crunchy shaved baby fennel, strips of asparagus and lots of salty smoked salmon. It’s a generous serve and it’s all super fresh. The smooth fat of the cheese and salmon’s oiliness are cut by the lemon dressing, basil, dill and mountain of vegetables. I can barely finish it but force it down because it’s delicious!



A light brekkie of ricotta, smoked salmon, asparagus, herbs, tomatoes on ciabatta.


Pork belly, chorizo, egg and beans.

K’s orders the pork belly for breakfast. Yes, for breakfast – it’s rich for breakfast, dinner even. (Not that we’re complaining, I’m glad to have the choice.) The dish was basically baked beans with three types of protein: pork belly, chorizo and sunny side up fried egg. With the beans absorbing so much flavour from the sausages, this is filling comfort food, with diced tomatoes and spring onions freshening it up. My only regret is not ordering extra bread for mopping up.

Before I forget, I should mention the cheese kransky with potatoes. It is really, very good. It’s served with a big pile of the best roast potatoes and some of the best onions rings we’ve ever had. (Take that, Rockpool!) I would strongly consider the kransky dish at any time of the day. (Sorry no photo. As chance would have it I forgot my camera on the first visit!)


Tuck Shop Cafe, Pie-House and Delicatessen
Unit 1/180 Newcastle Street, Perth, WA 6000
T: (08) 9227 1659

Tue – Sun 7am – 4pm

The Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. Food sponge

    Tuck Shop is fantastic. Great honest food, decent fresh design & friendly service. Love their pies too!

  2. Madame Chesson

    Pork belly – rich? even for you? Wow then it must be extremely rich! Looks yum anyways.

  3. Kitty

    Once again, you have made our day. Took the family to TS this morning for breakfast and we are still on a high from it. What an amazingly different experience. I had the slow cooked lamb with a made from scratch hash brown (not deep fried), omg – we are definetly going back there, worth the drive and delicious! Our 3 yo had the vanilla bean milkshake and can’t stop talking about that either!

  4. Lisa

    That smoked salmon bruchetta looks absolutely devine!!!
    When I saw a photo of the menu on urbanspoon, bruchetta isnt shown… I was wondering if you remember if it was a special that day? Or is this a “lunch” not “Breakfast” item?
    Great work on the blog btw, I love reading your posts!

  5. mei

    Lisa – Hi Lisa, I went to the cafe recently and checked up on this. It’s not called bruschetta specifically – it’s ciabatta.

    M – Hello there! Perhaps try the breakfast options instead. We had the muesli (good) and the berry pancakes were light and soft (yum). It’s getting really busy nowadays for both brekkie and lunch, nothing stays a secret in Perth for long. :) Thanks for dropping in.

  6. M

    Tuckshop is alright..service is brilliant, atmosphere is great however I find the food to be too greasy. Will have to try lunch next time.

  7. JB

    Love The Tuckshop but like a few others who have commented I find the food a bit greasy, even the toast that is coated with oil instead of providing butter. Still love the place though as the quality is great.

  8. mei

    JB – Hi JB! Too bad about the greasy food – hopefully someone from the Tuckshop reads these comments and fixes their heavy handedness with the oil tin. :) Really appreciate you dropping by!

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