The smell as we walk into Yahava is just delicious. It’s the freshly plunged coffee, the rough whirring of grinders working overtime and beans being slowly roasted to polished perfection. All this is in a big shed, overlooking grape vines in the middle of wine country. They grind three types of coffee at the […]

a mother’s day lunch

  Of course after breakfast at Choux, came lunch. And even though it was Mother’s Day, it was Mum who cooked! Stir fried canned luncheon meat is kind of a special meal for us. Luncheon meat is like a really, really bad quality Spam (if you think eating Spam is an abomination, you ain’t seen […]

choux cafe

  Mum’s going to get her almond croissant, even if it kills me. You see, it’s Mother’s Day and Choux Cafe has been practically ransacked. There’s a queue almost to the door, the bread baskets are empty and mon dieu there is only one éclair left! Croissants are being snapped up out of sight, even […]

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