a mother’s day lunch



Of course after breakfast at Choux, came lunch. And even though it was Mother’s Day, it was Mum who cooked!

Stir fried canned luncheon meat is kind of a special meal for us. Luncheon meat is like a really, really bad quality Spam (if you think eating Spam is an abomination, you ain’t seen nothing yet) that we like to stir fry with lots of onions, garlic, chilli and dark soy sauce.

It’s salty, oily, spicy and all round bad for you, but trust me it’s good! (Great with plain white rice.)

The funny thing is, against the laws of common sense, good quality pork just does not work in this dish. It has to be the cheap stuff. The secret ingredient is Mum’s cooking. She somehow transforms this pink forced meat into an endearing, delicious plate of food. And I can never get it to taste like hers.





So this is what we had for Mother’s Day lunch, just me and Mum. I hope all you guys had a great Mother’s Day. x



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  1. Tim

    Nice wok… proper seasoned job!

  2. mei

    Tim – Hi Tim, that wok is one good wok! Cooked many meals for our family and I’m sure will cook many more.

    sarah B – Your wish is my (mum’s) command! See above for Mum’s tips/recipe. :)

    Andrea – Hello! I’ve never thought this dish to be unique but now you’ve got me thinking about where this dish actually comes from, seeing as your mum cooked something similar too….

  3. sarah B

    hi there, Its a bit cheeky , but would your mum consider giving any tips on how she cooked this dish .. ingrediants etc?? ethier way looks really tasty .. thankyou for sharing.

  4. Andrea

    Oh my goodness this brings back memories! My mum used to make something similar and it was one of my favourites growing up :)

  5. Lin

    Stirfry luncheon meat recipe – In a medium heated wok stirfry a sliced onion/cut chllies and a clove of minced garlic for a minute. Then add the luncheon meat – breaking it into smaller pieces as you fry until it glisten due to the oil content in the meat. Add a teaspoon of light soya sauce/ 2 teaspoons of dark soya sauce and two heaped teaspoons of sugar to taste. Garnish with spring onions and coriander(optional). Do not add salt as the meat is quite salty. We always have it with a dish of stirfry cabbage and a dish of fried eggs.

    sarah B, this one’s for you. :) Happy cooking.

  6. Luis

    I guess that transformation of the lowly luncheon meat into a fab meal is one of the magic that only mothers can do.

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