Creamy, spicy crab.

As every person enters Nobu, a chorus of greetings are shouted out. It’s a slightly embarrassing start to our Japanese-Peruvian fusion dinner. You read right – Japanese-Peruvian. It’s not as weird as it sounds. Peru has a sizeable Japanese population, even having a one Alberto Fujimori as president. But he was prosecuted for crimes against humanity so we won’t talk about him.

A lot of people are curious about Nobu – it’s well known around the world and has a celebrity name attached to it. (Nobu Matsuhisa himself has an interesting back story, let alone co-owner Robert De Niro.) But the real question is, is the food – fusion food at that – any good?

To answer that, you’ll have to read on and decide for yourself, because Nobu’s food is polarising, you’ll either love it or hate it. To be honest, our visit was about four months ago, so this is just a quick one with lots of food porn. (Watch this space for another Nobu post,  specifically the teppanyaki service.)

We found the a la carte food service is very quick, perhaps too quick for some. All the dishes came out in surprisingly rapid succession – but this is especially good if seeing a show in the complex.


IMG_1253 IMG_1256

Left: Nobu style ceviche with mixed seafood. Right: Prawn Butter Ponzu


One of the more Peruvian dishes at Nobu, the seafood ceviche was well balanced. With lots of crunchy vegetables, the semi firm seafood and its sharp sauce was refreshing on the palate. I would order this again, purely because unlike the other dishes, there’s no show factor to this dish – it’s simply a good ceviche.



Another gratuitous shot of prawn butter ponzu.

The prawn butter ponzu – crisp, bursty and light and so, so more-ish. However, there was a deceiving amount of salad propping up the dish (seriously, how much rocket is really needed with the prawns?). Definitely order one of these per couple, they are that addictive.



Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno.

I’m not quite convinced about the yellowtail sashimi swimming in soy based sauce, though the jalapeno did give it a nice kick.



Nobu’s signature black cod miso.

Black cod miso is THE Nobu signature dish. It’s $42 a pop (!) but before you close this window – it’s not like you can get black cod everywhere in Perth. And this my friends, covered in sugary, white miso marinade, is a mighty good way to eat it. Black cod is firm in texture with big flakes – similar to Patagonian toothfish. When it’s grilled, it’s buttery, melt in the mouth and delicious… Even more so within a crust of pure umami.

However, you can make this dish at home by substituting with salmon. It’s not quite the same but at a quarter of the price, pretty tasty.



Pork belly miso.

Even though it was everything pork belly should be – crisp and tender – the pork belly miso was simply outshone by the other dishes. Especially the next one…



Creamy spicy crab.

The creamy spicy crab so, so delicious. Chunks of crab meat and spring onions sing under lashings of what seemed to be some sort of hollandaise, mayonnaise type sauce. This was one plate that was scraped clean. Only wished there was more.



Mushroom soup.

IMG_1287 IMG_1293

Left: Tofu toban-yaki. Right: Sushi chefs hard at work.

The tofu toban-yaki, plus the soup, were in essence, plain. I’m not one for delicate tastes, however they were both perfectly executed.

(I really have to learn to love healthy food.)

(One day.)



Soft shell crab sushi roll.

We weren’t quite full so I ordered the soft shell crab on impulse. As far as impulse purchases go, this was a good buy. Freshly made, the battered crab filling was soft and juicy. Tempered with creamy avocado, the crunchiness was multiplied with paper thin daikon radish and pops of flying fish roe.



Money shot! Bento box of chocolate moelleux and green tea ice cream.

Now if the sushi above sounds blissful, the sweets at Nobu are even better.

The bento box dessert is one of the best value desserts we’ve come across. Fresh from the oven, the chocolate moelleux was irresistibly gooey in the centre. Not too sweet, the molten chocolate cake cascaded into the green tea ice cream, so there’s a winning chocolate-y, earthy combination. Seriously good stuff.

The dessert bento is a must order. If anything (let’s say you don’t like Japanese food) come to Nobu just for this dessert. Or rather, skip the sweets at Rockpool and have dessert and a cocktail at Nobu. (They do a mean champagne cocktail.)


IMG_1309 IMG_1313

Satandagi filled with white chocolate and ginger. Served with raspberry coulis and coffee ice cream.

Hot from the fryer, the satandagi have liquefied centres of white chocolate and ginger, which surprisingly heighten each other’s fragrance. Each is an ooey gooey mess with the satisfaction of a donut. The coffee ice cream seems out of place, but brings the sweetness down to earth.



Nobu’s chandeliers. They remind me of toffee.

Okay so that’s it for now, because I’m about to run out of superlatives!

If you are curious about Nobu, you should go and try it for yourself. It’d be hard to be disappointed with the food, if anything, it’s an expensive place to eat. There are so many tempting options on the menu – stay away from the regular things – like pork belly (it can only be cooked so many ways) – and go hard on the exotics like sea urchin, specialities with Peruvian flair or the hot desserts. The private collection sake is particularly good too.

Make sure to book ahead, Nobu is crazy busy, even on weeknights.


Burswood Entertainment Complex Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood, WA 6100
T: (08) 9362 7551

Lunch Tue – Sun; Dinner 7 days

Nobu Perth on Urbanspoon

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  1. Rachel

    Great write up and wonderful photos. Thanks for this! I tried Nobu in NYC and loved it. Cool that Nobu made it to Oz!

  2. Chompchomp

    Totally agreed! The bento box was to die for and better still can be surprisingly made gluten free without sacrificing any of the taste.

  3. Philippe

    Those dishes look so yummy! My favorite in those are the prawn butter ponzu and the creamy spicy crab. Seeing them made me crave for a nice Japanese meal.

  4. ekougi

    You got some pretty good lighting, the photos look awesome

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