The smell as we walk into Yahava is just delicious. It’s the freshly plunged coffee, the rough whirring of grinders working overtime and beans being slowly roasted to polished perfection. All this is in a big shed, overlooking grape vines in the middle of wine country.

They grind three types of coffee at the machine. Usually a blend, something premium and a single origin. It’s always changing and I find that particularly exciting – not knowing exactly what I’ll be getting. New found favourites can be bought freshly roasted by weight. The beans in their itchy, hessian sacks give off the most intense aroma and look so good I just want to plunge my hand in for a feel.



Green coffee beans.



Freshly roasted coffee beans.

(Tip: Yahava’s single origins are usually quite good. If in doubt Romeo. 5 is always a crowd pleaser.)

One of the drawcards of Yahava is the view. Well to be honest, it’s not much of a view – it’s more the ambience the dam, vineyards and the hills in the distance add to the coffee. if you ignore the run down fencing and constant drone of landing planes, it is one of the only places where you can spread a picnic blanket and spend an afternoon in the valley sans wine.

Most importantly we’ve never had a bad coffee here. K’s flat white is perfect as per usual. This time my caffeine fix is a  cold drip coffee. Coffee is steeped overnight in cold water, resulting in a sweet, intense coffee. It’s not bad and especially good on a hot afternoon (if only winter wasn’t already here). In any case, get out there before the view fades with the weather.



Cold drip coffee.


Yahava Koffeeworks, 4752 West Swan Road  Swan Valley WA 6055
T: (08) 9250 8599

7 days 9am – 5pm

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