After a marathon three weeks of eating and the immense pleasure of three peking ducks in as many days, I was foggy, fat(ter) and oddly enough, lacking appetite. It was a relief to fill the fridge with fresh food from Coventry Markets and it was with a glad heart I got back to home […]

kakulas sister

  A few months back, I was lucky enough to write an article for Feast (March issue) about Kakulas Sister. I was pretty happy to sift through the store, one of my favourite stores in all of Perth, for the sake of a day’s work. The story focussed on the Freo store, a fairly tiny […]

subiaco farmers’ market

The ‘food court’. For a Saturday market, the Subi Farmers’ Market is the pick of the bunch. It’s family friendly, dog friendly and evidently, a popular stop for Saturday morning brekkie. The ‘food court’ under the big tree, is the spot to chow down on a piping hot calzone, brekkie burger or if you like, […]

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