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‘The Punk’ hot dog.

It was Run Amuk’s old Transperth bus chairs that got me. Between those slippery green chairs, drum stools and  seafood-being-pirates mural, this place smacks of a time before surfing the internet, the word ‘foodies’ and indeed, Smartriders. At Run Amuk, they cook only one type of bratwurst sausage and this sausage goes into every incarnation of hot dog, ranging from classic to downright weird. Pink lady apples in your dog, anyone?



Fond memories of these bus chairs in hot summers, before buses had air conditioning.


Well, I’m not that adventurous. But I am a sucker for corn chips so the ‘Mischief’ hotdog was a no brainer choice. Inside the soft bun was the fat and juicy bratwurst, avocado, tomato relish, baby spinach, lots of cheddar, jalapeno chillies and sour cream.

This is a hot dog made with thought. Squeaky baby spinach sits at the bottom so it doesn’t fly out and the sour cream tames the rest into staying in the hot dog, not on to your shirt. As for the overall taste it was cheesy, spicy, crunchy and meaty – and immediately, carbo-liciously satisfying.



‘The Mischief’ hot dog.

Hot dogs with fries – yes please. By the way, these fries were crisp and golden, right down to the bottom of the bowl. They were good with the aioli but I’d have them just by themselves again.



Crispy shoestring fries.



K had the ‘Punk’ which looked darn good. Packed with wedges of bacon, soft caramelised onions, cheese and lots of mustard, this one is for die hard carnivores. Between munches, K’s grunts came back with positive reports.

These may just be hot dogs but the difference between these and the impulse buys from Bunnings are the high quality ingredients.. The bratwursts are meaty. The bread is obviously fresh from the bakery – you can’t get bread that soft otherwise – and the hot dogs are inventive and generous, stuffed within an inch of their lives. No way could you leave this place hungry!

They do only one kind of bratwurst (plus a vegan option) really well, which personally, I prefer than having a range of gourmet snags. There’s a bit of hot dog mania in Perth right now, especially with Snag & Sons opening in Leederville.

I’ve tried Snags & Sons and was less than impressed. Though Snags’ hot dogs are cheaper, they are bland and despite the gourmet tags on their sausages, boring. The only thing going for it is its ‘sausage shop’ concept which came with a huge load of hype that hipsters glue themselves to.

Luckily for Snags’, Run Amuk is in South Freo. I mean, look at those hot dogs, they don’t need any hype. Come here and see for yourself.


Run Amuk Hot Dogs Unleashed
386A South Terrace, South Fremantle WA 6162
T: (08) 9335 1216

Tuesday – Sunday 11:30am – 9pm; Closed Mondays

Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed on Urbanspoon



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  1. Simon

    As you can see in my review i wasn’t completely complimentary about snags and sons either
    After reading this review i am going to try run amuk soon!

  2. Chompchomp

    Sometimes the simplest food is the best! Yum!

  3. Jac

    Hi Libertine,
    Where the bratwursts beef, veal or pork? As I don’t want to drive TFP to Freo for beef.

  4. mei

    Jac – Hiya Jac! Looking at Run Amuk’s website, it looks like the bratwursts are a blend of pork AND beef.

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