superstar waffles

  When anyone says waffles in Perth, it’s synonymous with an ice cream chain, so it’s always good to have a new player on the field. Everyone, say hello to Superstar Waffles. Like all seemingly new things in Perth, Superstar Waffles is hidden in an alleyway. It’s in Arcade 189, just a few metres from […]

mundaring truffle festival

Truffles, truffle oil, truffle mustard, truffle salsa, truffle salt…. Just a few photos from today’s Mundaring Truffle Festival – it was our first visit and I was really surprised how well organised the festival was. Great transport from the easy-to-find parking, lots of space and really friendly vendors with a wide range of stalls. Most […]

bangkok part 1

Somewhere in Bangkok’s Grand Palace. As we walk out of Suvarnabhumi airport, the big city smells hits us. It’s pollution, chaos and urban growth, altogether familiar and foreign. As usual, traffic is ferocious, it’s either break neck speeds or frustrating standstills. We pass shacks of corrugated iron, concrete graveyards of would-be buildings and hives of […]

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