mundaring truffle festival


Truffles, truffle oil, truffle mustard, truffle salsa, truffle salt….

Just a few photos from today’s Mundaring Truffle Festival – it was our first visit and I was really surprised how well organised the festival was. Great transport from the easy-to-find parking, lots of space and really friendly vendors with a wide range of stalls. Most excitingly, there were lots of truffle-y things to eat!


IMG_6337 IMG_6341

Left: The Loose box stall was the best in terms of value and range. The chicken liver pate was particularly good and at $5 a pop, good value. Right: Sausages ready to go into truffled mushroom wraps at the Linley Valley Pork tent.



Ole Paella’s huge paella (not truffled).


El Asador’s ribs (not truffled).

We didn’t go to any ticketed events (but we did see Neil Perry!) and still had a good time. Highlights were the sausage wrap from the Linley Valley Pork tent, the Loose Box’s duck and truffle rillettes, as well as their smooth as silk truffled chicken liver pate (bargains at $5 each). On the downside, Mondo’s wagyu burger was unimpressive and I found most truffled soft cheeses for immediate consumption to be hideously unripe.



Rochelle Adonis’s ‘truffingtons’. By far one of the best buys of the day. The truffington’s were full of truffle flavour, rich and sweet.

There were some curious items too, like Ragin’ Cajun’s funnel cakes (that looked like gigantic donut frisbees) and Rochelle Adonis’s ‘truffingtons’. The truffingtons are lamingtons filled with truffle infused ganache and are surprisingly truffley (I have one stashed away for dessert tonight). At $7 each, they are probably the most expensive lamington you’ll ever buy, but they are unforgettable.



Jean Pierre Sancho’s truffle cupcake. The icing had a strong truffle flavour but the cake was so-so. Go the truffington instead.


European Food’s slightly dazzling cheese fridge.

The truffle stalls were where I emptied my wallet. The haul included a black truffle and truffle mustard from Great Southern’s amazing smelling tent and truffled burrata from Oak Valley’s stall. (I can’t wait to crack open the burrata, a mozzarella ball stuffed with double cream and curds!) No lactose intolerance of mine could keep me away from European Food’s fromagerie stall. I’m afraid my pont l’eveque and truffled gres d’alsace absolutely stunk out the bus to the car park but it was all worth it.

If you are a die hard truffle enthusiast there are melanosporum innoculated trees for sale. But you’ll need a dog – a trained dog at that – to sniff out the ripe truffles! So my dreams of a backyard trufflerie were dashed at that.




All in all, a good day out. The Mundaring Truffle Festival ends tomorrow (Sunday 29/07/2012). Tickets are available at the gate.

Tip: Bring plenty of cash as the stalls don’t have eftpos (there is an ATM handy though).


Mundaring Truffle Festival
Mundaring Sculpture Park



Hey there’s Neil Perry!

For a more in-depth look at truffles, have a look at the truffle hunt we went on last year at the Manjimup Wine & Truffle Co.

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  1. Trish

    Mmmmmmmmm cheese! Sounds like a delicious day out.

    We went the first year, and it was ridiculous – stalls were so crowded and close together it was a waste of time even trying to get a look in! Sounds like they’ve gotten better at making it functional, and have heaps more stalls, which is great.

    The truffingtons look amazing, what a great idea! And love what El Asador are doing around Perth. Their chimmi is seriously addictive!

  2. Ellie

    I tried the paella and I must say its really not good at all – tasted like Tomato Flavoured Rice and it was gluggy, not real Paella. The Gumbo was’t good too (from Ragin Cajun).

    Loose Box’s stall is the best.

  3. Ai-Ling@blueapocalypse

    The Truffington was a highlight for me too. I attended the Truffle Masterclass and it was great to learn more about cooking with truffles from Alain, Guillaume and Emmanuel Mollois.

    I bought a black truffle too, what are you planning on doing with yours?

  4. Chompchomp

    This really was an awesome day out. If only those Truffingtons were gluten free! Soo jealous of wheat eaters! The higlight for me was the Harvey beef ribs at the Oak Valley Truffle stall – they were sooo soft they melted like butter!

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