feast food awards

Judging the Feast Food Awards was a marathon of eating. For three weeks I stuffed myself silly (this time in the name of research, really), totally underestimated the sheer amount of food to be eaten (at times I truly wished I was a bottomless pit), ate both duds and life changing dishes (OMG Istanbul kebabs, where have you been in my life?) and gained a few kilos (still working them off). The end result is what’s inside the lift out attached to this month’s issue of Feast.

Before I end this plug, there’s a couple of winners I’d like to highlight and make you go eat there. If you love Peking duck – and if you’ve never tried it – for the love of god try the winner of the Peking duck category. (If you don’t like Peking duck there’s something wrong with you.) I’m not going to reveal the whereabouts – go and buy the magazine – but it’s the genuine real deal that requires pre-order and has that oh-my-god crackly, lacquered skin whose underside melts in the mouth.

The second is the pho category winner. I’m telling you this one because it’s my next post – it’s Thanh Liem in Girrawheen. The pho is great but the broken rice with three meats and (the rather hard-to-find) banh xeo vietnamese pancakes are too memorable not to harp on about.

So check out September’s issue of Feast – the one with the amazing lemon tart on the cover – and especially the little blue lift out attached. You might find some new favourites in there.

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