lemon curd cream

  I’ve never been one for jarring and preserving. Sterilising the jars, cooking the fruit, let alone setting the jam is just too dangerous a concept for clumsy me. (Especially when we can buy fantastic jams from the farmers’ markets.) But freezing things like lemon curd is something I can embrace. Especially when a batch […]

took be gi

Mixing up the dolsot bimbimbap. Strangely, the restaurants we frequent often are the last to get a mention on the blog. Maybe sub-consciously I’m keeping them to myself but here it is – Took Be Gi. If there’s a queue on Pier St it’s often to get into this place for lunch and it is […]

bangkok part 2

The Erawan Shrine. This is part two of our trip to Bangkok. Which was quite a while ago, at the beginning of the year in fact! I’ll be finishing off this travel series with our 3 day stay in Cambodia, which is a post coming soon (promise!).   New Year’s Eve dinner at Flow New […]

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