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What’s striking about Little Willy’s is the rustic interior that looks cobbled together from a Good Sammy’s. Make shift seats from milk crates and sprays of flowers amp up the sort of shabby chic; while a wooden antler bust keeps it new (and hipster friendly) and the outdoor beach umbrellas keep it fun. This is not a place that takes itself too seriously and with nearby cafes commanding queues and twenty plus bucks for a single breakfast, Little Willy’s is refreshingly basic, casual and – most importantly – does a mean coffee.




The cafe gets busy early, so snatch up a bench seat or alfresco table (with an excellent view for people watching by the way) if you can. The menu is handwritten and photocopied, simple and straight to the point. It’s matched by counter service that’s downright chirpy (I was called darling somewhere along the way – love!) and a drinks list that comprises of Fiori coffee and fresh juices.




Bacon and egg bagel.

Credit goes to my bestie J (and her brother C) for shedding light on Little Willy’s. As you can see above, J is currently in an exclusive relationship with the bacon and egg bagel (C is apparently in love with the one and only breakfast burrito!). However, the bagel does look handsomely delicious. A golden, smooth, homemade bagel, it’s split and filled with crispy bacon, a bulls eye egg and water cress. Made just so, it’s a one handed breakfast that’s sauced by the runny yolk and tomato chutney.



Mushroom and cheddar omelette.

My omelette looks deceptively simple, but sometimes good things come looking like that. Soft folds on the outside, oozy and cheddar cheesy on the inside, a fabulous omelette is never to be underestimated. With a decent amount of mushrooms within, I ate it up with lashings of hot sauce from the condiments galore on our table and thickly buttered, wholegrain toast.

Basically you can’t go wrong with a brekkie that’s this close to home cooked. Simple, wholesome (but not too much) and with little touches like a family of sauces you can help yourself to and upbeat service, Little Willy’s kind of feels like home too. I hope this place never, ever changes. I’ll be back for that bagel for sure.



Little Willy’s
267 William St, Northbridge WA 6003
T: (08) 9228 8240

Mon – Fri 6am – 6pm, Sat – Sun 8am – 4pm

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  1. Jessica

    “As you can see above, J is currently in an exclusive relationship with the bacon and egg bagel…”

    haha Never a truer word spoken! Every time we go to Little Willy’s I say I’ll try something different but I never do! :)

  2. Whit

    Stepped in once for takeaway coffees (they do a pretty unique chilli hot chocolate), but thanks for the heads up, totally keen on their breakfast; it looks amazing! :)

  3. Queen of Bad Timing

    Looks delicious! I’ve walked past a few times but I think you’ve persuaded me to check it out :)

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