ristretto coffee wall and northbridge roastery


Emanuele working the Mirage.

The third Ristretto outpost, this time north of the Horseshoe bridge, has joined the growing ranks of the William Street precinct. Opposite Central TAFE, the unassuming coffee window/wall is a portal to all good things caffeinated. Within that small, temperature and humidity controlled space, is a gorgeous, immaculately kept Mirage and a coffee roasting machine. (Yes, there is a roastery in Northbridge – who would’ve thought!) I was lucky enough to meet Emanuele (the guy who owns Ristretto) running the shop on a Saturday afternoon.

Emanuele’s always ready to chat about coffee. Sure, it’s a caffeinated pick me up, but there is a lot more to it beyond what’s in the cup. Emanuele goes overseas, picks the best coffee from small lots grown by a farmer or co-op (which are often grown on an incline so have to be handpicked) – then comes back, runs Ristretto and roasts the shipment of beans to their best characteristics. Now that dear readers, is dedication. It’s bringing fair trade, single origin coffee to a another level.




The fresh green beans (often only eight weeks old from export) are roasted on site. Some 300 to 500 kilos are roasted each week in small batches to bring out each bean’s inherent qualities. Then it’s up to the barista to finish the beans’ journey into your cup.

Follow your nose to the coffee wall and check it out. From Ristretto’s blend (RCB), came one of the best coffees I’ve had in a long time – so smooth and naturally sweet. At the risk of sleep I even contemplated having a second cup (they use Bonsoy – yay!). There are also two single origins available, just to mix it up and hone the palate.



Ristretto Coffee Wall and Northbridge Roastery
53 Aberdeen St (between William and Hook Lane), Northbridge WA 6003

Mon – Fri from 7:30am, Sat from 8:30am

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  1. Conor @ Hold the Beef

    Cheers for the heads up, though this does make me miss living in Northbridge. Every time I’m back in the hood there’s something new, these days.

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