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…has reopened! In a new location, just off Marangaroo Drive not far from their previous address, sits the recently renovated Pho Huynh. Sandwiched between a bustling Vietnamese butcher and a grocery shop, the food has been unaffected by the move. It’s just as good as before.

Being a creature of habit I got reacquainted with my old faithful, bun bo hue, a spicy soup with a tell tale pork knuckle bobbing about. The soup comes from Hue (where it’s known as just bun bo), a city famous for ancient tombs, producing distinctive Vietnamese political figures and this noodle soup. Compared to the bun bo in Hue (we went to Vietnam in September, posts surely to follow), Pho Huynh’s is an excellent rendition. Though here, it’s four times larger and instead of two tiny meatballs, it’s served with a gigantic slice of meatball.

Shredded cabbage, a substitute for banana blossom, is dunked into the soup along with fragrant, torn leaves of mint. Slurping up the pungent, shrimp paste and chilli oil laced broth, I’m so, so glad Pho Huynh is back.


Pho Huynh Vietnamese Restaurant
7/70 Marangaroo Drive, Girrawheen WA 6064
T: (08) 9343 3886

Wed – Mon 9am – 8pm, closed Tuesdays.

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  1. Flo

    Thanks so much for telling us about pho huynh as we missed the old shop so so much. Much appreciated that it is back.
    Love your Imperial Court article. Going this Sat.

  2. mei

    Flo – Hi Flo! Apologies for this late reply. We went to Imperial Court the other day and the quality was still good, so I hope you had a good time! We also missed Pho Huynh big time – rushed back as soon as we heard it had reopened lol. Let me know if there’s anything we should try there. Thanks for dropping in!

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