pecan pie

  Out of all the pies out there, this pecan pie is hands down my favourite. The key to this pie is the vanilla bean: it is literally deep fried in butter. This goes on until the butter is nut brown and the tiny vanilla seeds are dispersed like dark stars in a golden galaxy. […]


Housemade waffles. I came across Canvas through a rather roundabout way: a new year’s resolution. Sometime last year, in a fit of Christmas optimism, I resolved to learn pottery wheelwork. And that’s how I ended up at the Fremantle Arts Centre, home to Canvas and possibly, a few ghosts. The Arts Centre’s church-like facade looks […]

must winebar

  Sometimes the food knocks your socks off, sometimes it doesn’t, but Must Winebar never, ever disappoints. I’m always drawn back, tempted to book a table for any reason or special occasion. It’s the menu – I like how it stays true to its French bistro roots, plus above all, the food is extraordinarily consistent. […]

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