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This market was one of the first, possibly the trailblazer, of many farmers’ markets in Perth. Before food miles and the word locavore became part of the popular mindset, this is where you came to get biodynamic meat, organic veg and fruit straight from the orchard. I’d go as far to say these markets are the pick of the bunch of Perth’s markets and are even worth the 30 minute drive to get here.

Years of establishment have resulted in an unparalleled variety of stalls. For a fairly small area, there’s a lot packed in. This is a market that knows its customers very well. Apart from produce and bakery stands, there are a few gourmet and ready-to-eat options available, just in case you don’t feel like cooking. Plus all the stalls are very food focused – for example, there are no stalls selling ponchos and other crap. Instead, an astounding number of small produce stands, all decently priced – mostly actual growers and not re-sellers – take up residence in the school’s quadrangle.



The Lettuce Truck. (They sell potatoes too.)


Orchard fresh stone fruit.


Think this was an organic store (which would explain the price!).

The bags of pre-packed, sparkling fresh baby lettuce leaves at $2 a bag are a good buy from the Lettuce Truck. A packet of basil bought from here lasts a week and a half. I especially loved one stall that was tucked right up the back, selling the pickings of an Italian kitchen garden. Ripe heirloom tomatoes, Tuscan kale (so, so much better than regular kale), striped eggplants and trussed purple garlic were squeaky fresh, never mind the handsome guy at the checkout.



My favourite store, tucked right up the back, is like looking (and buying) from an Italian kitchen garden. Tomatoes of different shapes and sizes, bunches of colourful radish and dark green Tuscan kale.


Little pots of herbs and heirloom cucumbers – same stall as above.

IMG_7766 IMG_0202

Tasty morsels from Eurochef with generous tasters (right).

If that gets you into the mood for (an) Italian, you can’t miss Mio Piatto and Eurochef. Eurochef has dips, spaghetti meatballs, dolmades and cabbage rolls all ready to eat, and even in the morning when you’d rather force down breakfast than think about dinner, the meals make a tempting break from the stove.



Pasta sauces ready to go at Mio Piatto.


Canning Orchards.



One particular stall, Canning Orchard is so popular, you have to take a ticket for service. The produce is high quality, so you can trust them to pick the fruit for you. (Also, there’s no way to squeeze through the crowd to bag what you’d like anyway.)  Only what’s in season is for sale, like pluots and nashi pears.

Meat is not an afterthought at this market. There are multiple stalls selling fresh, frozen and biodynamic meat. Free range chicken and lamb from Soldridge, heritage breed pork (Spencers Brook Farm) and beef (from Gingin beef) are available farm direct, so you can order a whole side of lamb and it will be butchered and waiting to be picked up.

I want to point out the flower stall Market Flowers (I think that’s the name) right by the entrance. I can never not buy flowers from these guys. Their blooms are extremely fresh – the freshest in fact last up to two weeks. The bunches also don’t cost an arm and a leg. I love their Australian natives (that last for a spooky amount of time) but their sunflowers (and tuberose when in season) are just gorgeous.



Flowers! Even if I have to buy them for myself, they are so fresh and worth every penny.



Like any good market, you can get a decent breakfast or brunch here. I usually go for a danish or jam donut from one of the bread stalls (Lawley’s is one) but there are the mandatory bratwurst, crepes and brekkie burgers around. K always has a bratwurst (bribe for being a human pack camel) which has a nice snap and comes with soft onions and a fluffy roll. Yum.



Donuts and danishes from breakfast, anyone?


Lawley’s bread.


Mt Claremont Farmers’ Market
Mt Claremont Primary School, Cnr of Alfred Road and Montgomery Road (103 Alfred Rd), Mt Claremont WA 6010
Open every Saturday 7.30am – 11.30am



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  1. bruisemouse

    It all looks delicious as usual. I haven’t made it down there for a very long time.
    Did you see this one is starting?

  2. mei

    bruisemouse – Hello! Truth be told, I haven’t been there in awhile myself. :P Thanks for letting me know about the Kyilla markets – it looks great! Gotta make my way up there and check it out (…another excuse to head to the north… yay).

  3. Bradley Backhouse

    Never been, I’m going to have to check this out sometime

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