chocolate orange cake

  Even in the driver’s seat, there’s a particular part of West Swan Road that I always looks forward to. I love how it winds a little, dips into a little valley and from there the roadside ponds glimmer and the vineyards just stretch out. Occasionally sheep are let to wander between the vines to […]

jamie’s italian

  Expecting that a queue should correlate to great food may apply in other cities but it definitely does not here, a city that’s slavishly driven by the new. Perth does get wound up by too much hype, and restaurants with a lot of publicity, like Jamie’s Italian, can fall victim to high expectations and […]

hazelnut cookies

  I seriously need a chaperone in Kakulas Sister. Every single time I go into that shop, I end up with so much excess. Bins upon bins of coffee beans, spices and flour, the shop is a goldmine for baking products that have yet to hit the mainstream. This is the place to buy coconut […]

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