pumpkin pie

  Easy as pie – or so they say. In my books, anything to do with pastry is a frantic exercise. I don’t know about you, but getting that fragile, buttery-melting-by-the-second pastry into the tin is nervous breakdown territory. If you can relate, I think you’ll love this pie crust. It’s dreamy. It’s easy. It’s […]


Siciliana pizza, $16. Topped with anchovy, olives, cacciatore sausage, chilli and lots of stringy, melty cheese… From Portuguese egg tarts to soft tacos, tasting this year’s nominees for the Feast Food Awards was so much fun (and calories!!)… but if I had to pick the most memorable find, it would be Ruocco’s. To be honest, […]


  With a vertical herb garden, open kitchen and it’s very own roastery, Typika has the one thing most Perth cafes do not. It’s style. And good coffee, obviously. (And with that, a perennial queue.) It’s what’s dragged us from cookie cutter suburbia to well heeled Claremont. But what’s most interesting among the beanies, ‘it […]

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