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If the gyrating sausage doesn’t catch your eye, nothing will. Granted, the striped shop that is Dubrovnik’s is hard to spot. With its painted signage covering every inch of window, it would look perpetually closed if it weren’t for the customers popping in and out.




Inside, it’s as equally old school as the outside. (And I love it for this reason alone, the place is like a blast from the past.)

The porky, wood smoked aroma is so intense, it seems to emanate from the cursive scribbled chalkboards but actually, it comes from the overflowing mounds of small goods. Semi dried, cured and fresh, sausages are king here. There’s no overpricing, pretention or even glamour. Piled high are salamis, kranskies of every sort, chorizo, Polish sausages and bratwursts and many, many other European snags .




Into my shopping bag went cheese kranskies, speck, chorizo and Nuremburg bratwursts (fresh, pale sausages). Cooked in a little water and fried off, the smoked sausages were fabulously smoky and  fragrant – with a tougher, toothy texture due to a longer cure. The speck is possibly the best in Perth. Slightly soft with a rusty coating, it’s great in pasta sauce, potato salad, stews, baked beans, anything.

If you do pop in here, look in the warmer for the spicy (and if memory serves, quite salty) Dubrovnik’s meatloaf that’s sliced then tucked into a crusty roll.


Dubrovnik Butchers
204 Railway Parade, Bayswater WA 6053
Phone:(08) 9272 1453

Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 12 noon

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  1. BB

    It is soooo refreshing that they just do what they do, so well, without trendy prices and decor. I saw Dubrovnik’s for years from the train window before finally stopping by. It’s been a firm favourite since.

  2. mei

    BB – Ditto. I did work experience at the pet shop next door years ago (like, half a lifetime ago eek) and hadn’t visited since. And I swear nothing – nothing – has changed, which makes the store even more adorable. Really keen on trying the rest of their smallgoods – any reccs?

  3. Chris

    I went here last weekend and it is closed. There is a sign in the window saying “Closed due to unforeseen circumstances. Under surveillance”. Not sure what this means but I was really looking forward to dropping in as I have heard a lot of good things about this place. Anyone have info?

  4. Mei Leong

    Chris – Aww that’s unlucky. I wonder what happened there.

    For others looking for an alternative, here’s a list of butchers satisfying bratwurst cravings:

    Hela Continental Smallgoods
    290 South Street, Hilton WA 6163

    493 Beaufort St, (Cnr Mary Street), Highgate WA 6003
    Shop 1, North Lake Shopping Centre, 67 North Lake Rd, Myaree WA 6154

    Rossmoyne Family Meats
    Shop 8/ 55 Central Rd, Rossmoyne WA 6148

  5. Paul Marinovich jr

    Loved your pics and story on the old shop ! Brought back some wonderful memories 26years! I worked with Dad who was the most amazing mentor and teacher and he taught me the passion of creating all of the Smallgoods you have grown to love! I bought a business 7 years ago called Adrians continental Smallgoods located at 17 brewer place Mirrabooka! So I invite new and old customers to say hello and try our exciting delicious products from our wide selection! Paul Marinovich Jr

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