With a vertical herb garden, open kitchen and it’s very own roastery, Typika has the one thing most Perth cafes do not. It’s style. And good coffee, obviously. (And with that, a perennial queue.) It’s what’s dragged us from cookie cutter suburbia to well heeled Claremont. But what’s most interesting among the beanies, ‘it bags’ and ipad wielding folks is that almost everyone is eating.

The service, despite being aloof and perfunctory, is efficient. We’re seated quickly in the sunlit section, bordered by that vertical garden made of pallets and overhead the corrugated plastic gives the impression of a greenhouse. It’s nice. Our coffee orders are taken almost immediately and come some ten minutes later. It’s a dark roast that’s smooth and very, very drinkable.



Golden French toast with banana, salted caramel and maple candied bacon, $18.50. And yes, the bacon tasted as good as it sounded.

After some people watching and eavesdropping (I swear, it’s the only benefit of a communal table) our breakfasts arrive. The French toast is a vision. Doorstopper thick slices of bread, slapped with an egg batter are swimming in a warm pool of salted caramel sauce.

The toast could have done with a smidgen longer in the batter but then again, it became a tasty vehicle for mopping up that caramel sauce. The maple candied bacon tasted as good they sounded. Charred and sweet, combining the bacon with the caramel took it to another level. Smoky, sweet, sugary and buttery, it was heavenly! And surely a combination that should be more regularly embraced…



Another gratuitous shot.


Smoked cod, leeks and baked eggs, no longer on the menu. But looks like it has been replaced with a tomato based baked eggs.

Here, eggs and toast are jazzed up with smoked cod and softly stewed leeks. Still sizzling in the pan, the eggs were runny, perfect for dipping in the crusty slices of ciabatta bread. Salty flakes of cod provided flavour while the leeks added a soft, onion note to the dish that rounded out the fishiness quite nicely. A choice pick for egg lovers.

With an equally interesting lunch menu, I’m keen to get back here. Sure there’s a queue but it moves quickly (at least for tables of two or three). I’m going to sound stereotypical here, but there’s something reminiscent of Melbourne about Typika, and that for me, is a welcome change. Good coffee, good food and good shopping just around the corner? Well count me in.


331 Stirling Hwy Claremont, Western Australia
T: (08) 9284 6088

Open 7 days, 7am – 5pm

Typika Artisan Roasters on Urbanspoon

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  1. Brilliana von Katterfeld

    I may have just tried to lick my computer screen. That French toast looks magical!

  2. mei

    Brilliana von Katterfeld – It certainly tasted as good as it looked! Thanks for dropping by (and totally digging your first name).

  3. Martine @ Chompchomp

    They really are door stops of French toast aren’t they?!

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