pound cake

    With lovely, dense crumb and an easy-as recipe, it’s a shame pound cake has fallen out of favour. I’m truly surprised when it’s not recognised. But then I guess not everyone has memories of eating frozen pound cake. Yes, once upon a time frozen pound cake was the only kind I knew.  

la veen coffee

Brioche, aioli and eggs, with candied serrano ham. So, so rich, but so, so good. Located on the corner of King Street and Wellington, La Veen is all dark wood and handsome looks. With a Synesso machine as the crown jewel, it does coffee well, but the food might even be better. So much better, […]

the wang’s treasure house

Dumplings galore! And handmade dumplings at that. Salted egg yolk custard buns, Shanghai dumplings and prawn dumplings. I know, it has a weird name but set that aside for a moment. I think this place is currently serving Perth’s best dim sum. And I hope it stays that way. I’m not sure what led us […]

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