peach crumble muffins

Peach season is one I look forward to every single year. Not apricots, nectarines, not even plums but fat fuzzy peaches, that are so juicy you have to eat them leaning over the sink. For me, they’re the ideal experience of summer. Their easily bruised, delicate nature and their transient ripeness mean they’re fleetingly precious. […]

the ekiben

If only all fast food was packaged like this. Train travel is quite inevitable in Japan – it’s fast (in the case of the bullet train SUPER fast), easy to comprehend, clean and efficient – and for travel between cities, a no brainer. For the longer journeys, ekiben are not to be missed. Essentially prepacked […]

francoforte spaghetti bar

  The idea of a place specialising in one thing and not much else – the norm in Asia – is a concept that should be embraced. Restaurants that stretch to cover as many icons as possible limit their chances to spread their wings and chase that one sublime dish or cuisine. It takes confidence […]

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