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It was one of those summer days where it wasn’t too hot, nor too windy: just perfect. In what used to be the front yard of an old house on Newcastle Street was where we sat, under dappled sunshine while watching cars momentarily slow and rush off again.

This is The Old Crow, a bastion of soul food that is sometimes thought of as an alternative to the nearby (and always full) Tuckshop Cafe. But it’s more than an alternative. With its rustic vibe and waiters outfitted in the most uncool suspenders known to mankind, The Old Crow also has a menu full of good things to eat, like rye smoked salmon and duck parfait (sounds good, right?).

(Off topic, but every time I hear The Old Crow I think Game of Thrones…)


Slow roasted brisket sandwich, thousand island sauce and fries, 17.



Thousand island sauce is seriously underrated, especially with fries…

One of the very good things to eat is the pulled brisket sandwich. This is easily one of the best sandwiches in Perth, with the brisket and its tasty pan juices soaking into the crisp bread and slathered with a spicy thousand island sauce, it’s a dreamy package. The pickled cabbage added bite but what really made the sandwich was the choice of bread. Thick enough to hold everything together and cut long enough for a decent sized sandwich, it was worth the $17. And that also included the fries liberally sprinkled with chilli salt. A blissful, double carb combo.



Spaghetti with peas, goats curd and slow egg, $17.50.


Egg yolk porn!

To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the spaghetti. I mean, who orders a pasta dish at a soul food restaurant?! But no need for doubt – because whoever’s in the kitchen can cook a mean pasta.

The spaghetti, cooked perfectly al dente, was sitting on a bed of quivering goats curd and on top, within the feathery curls of grated parmesan hid a creamy, wobbly egg yolk. When broken, the yolk dribbled out and sauced the spaghetti, turning the pasta into a sort-of supremely enriched carbonara. The peas were sweet and firm and twirled up with the cheeses, this dish was so, so very good. And large too. Yes the two words we like to be applied to food. Among other things.

After the last bite of perfect pasta and peach tea, it was time to retreat out of the sun and back to the cubicle. Seriously, a second visit cannot come around fast enough. If you’re looking for comfort food that strangely, sways between the States, Europe and back again – and does it well – look no further than The Old Crow.

(You know nothing, Jon Snow.)

(Sorry couldn’t help myself.)


The Old Crow
172 Newcastle St, Perth
T: 08 9227 9995


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