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Lunch at Chin Chin. One of the best lunches. Ever.


Weekend breakfast means pastries. And a jam donut. And caneles. And French butter.


Spring Street Grocer’s cheese cellar. My version of heaven.


On the way up to Captains of Industry.


Solo coffee at Captains of Industry. Totally loving that guy’s jumper.



Greville Street.


Because, fries. (From Lord of the Fries.) Best eaten solo because people will judge you for this.


So, so much stuff at Chapel Street Bazaar. Beware of avalanches of stuff/junk..


Sunday morning donuts at Glick’s.

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Left: Tasting plate at Borsch, Vodka & Tears in Prahran. You could survive a Russian winter on this plate alone. Right: Somewhere in Fitzroy, dangling sneakers equal street art.


Spring Street Grocer’s gelato – the mango sorbet was a slam dunk.


One of my favourite places in Melbs – the National Gallery of Victoria. The onsite restaurant Persimmon is meant to be fabulous – definitely on the list for next time.


Dusk falls. For once, it didn’t rain.

I confess, I’m one of those Perth people who adore Melbourne. I like Perth, yes I do, but twice a year I find myself in the city of variable weather to visit my sister, who along with hubby recently bought a house in the suburbs. So between cuddling their baby girl (so cute!), cooking and gossiping, I was revisiting old favourites and discovering new things in the bayside area (like, just how good canelés can be).

To a Perthite (or is that Perthian?), Melbourne’s suburbs are not quite what we’re used to. The supermarket duopoly is not as prominent, so the streets are lined with independent butchers, grocers and bakers. They’re also lined with amazing variety stores. Two dollar shops are the devil I tell you – we lugged back luggage filled with plastic contraptions for every room in the house. Anyway, almost every day Mum and I would flit from shop to shop buying that day’s dinner, with the final stop always being the butcher with its huge display of sausages. Two mornings straight we found ourselves in Phillippa’s, wide eyed at shelves bursting with baguettes and croissants. Oh and the canelés, shiny with beeswax with their almost burnt edges and soft, moist centres. I can still taste them and I still miss them.

Then there were the bagels at Glick’s (along with notably, cheesecake sold by the kilo). From then on, weekend breakfasts were challah bagels accompanied with those pastries, washed down with milky coffee. In the dappled sunlight with a baby cooing in the background, this was close to paradise.

Talking about paradise, I think I left a piece of my heart in Fitzroy. It’s still wandering around the vintage stores, eateries (Trippy Taco! Huxtaburger! Rockwell & Sons!) and eating too much non-dairy gelato at Gelato Messina. In the city I fell in love with Chin Chin (first time visit can you believe it) and Spring Street Grocer’s cheese cellar. Down the orange stairs is a green and white tiled cave of cheese and the most lovely cheesemonger who greeted us with samples. I just stood there slack jawed at the cheese. I don’t think I have ever eaten as much good cheese as this last week in Melbourne.

There was the coffee too. I seriously (still) have sleeping problems from the caffeine. I came back with bags of beans plucked from Duke’s, Seven Seeds and Market Lane Coffee. In the mornings bleary eyed and really not looking forward to work, I grind what’s left of Melbourne into a portafilter and drink up, slowly.


The Food Smith | 486 Hampton Street Hampton
A little cafe on the Hampton Street. Cute paraphernalia plus Duke’s coffee.

Chin Chin | 125 Flinders Ln, Melbourne
Punchy, hot and modern Thai food worth lining up for.

Spring Street Grocer | 157 Spring St, Melbourne

Captains of Industry | 2 Somerset Pl, Melbourne
Upstairs in a laneway. A bit kooky (it’s a cafe/barber/shoemaker sort of place) with good coffee and views over the GPO.

Phillippa’s Bakery | 608 Hampton St, Brighton
Delicious slab brownies, bread and pastries. Several locations – City, Armadale and Richmond.

Glick’s | 456 Centre Road, Bentleigh
Great range of bagels.

Brother Baba Budan | 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Excellent Seven Seeds coffee.

Lord of the Fries | Flinders Street Station (with various locations around the city, check out the website)
Because, fries. And the legendary list of sauces to go on top.

Duke’s Coffee | 169 Chapel St, Windsor

Market Lane Coffee | Shop 13, Prahran Market/163 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

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  1. bruisemouse

    Those doughnuts look amazing!
    I also wanted to ask what camera you use for these gorgeous photos.

  2. Mei Leong

    Bruisemouse – Those doughnuts were amazing! Definitely warrants a visit to some of the kosher delis in Daniella, if Glick’s is any indication. My camera is a Canon 70d and I typically use the 18-55mm kit lens or 35mm prime lens for shooting pretty much everything.

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