short order burgers

    Though I’ve been having doubts about food blogging, I can assure you the eating has not stopped. That pesky reluctance to blog, well it evaporated as soon as I ate my first Short Order burger. It was a burger so good, I had a moment. Drop those average burgers now, people, and get […]

milford sound

      I never thought I’d miss a landscape this much. It’s been 4 months since, yet the clouds, peaks and faraway glaciers still capture my imagination. We set out early from Queenstown for the four hour drive. We’d heard all sorts about it – the danger, the scenery – they’re all true. But […]

margaret river

    The drive down to Margs is for the most part boring, but man, is it worth it. By Cowtown, the land is lush and it’s all farmland and wineries. By the time we get to Margaret Rover, the cube farm feels very far away, and ahead is a weekend of wining and dining. […]

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