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Another year, another all too quick trip to Melbourne. So much has changed in the last year. Fitzroy has well and truly gentrified and Greville Street has been resuscitated to its hipster self. But my niece, now she has changed. Almost walking, cooing words and being the undeniably cute – she was the highlight of the trip.

A lifetime may not be enough to explore a city with so many facets. (Like, how does a city support so cafes I will never know). Highlights included wolfing down cakes at Beatrix, smoky hot chocolates at the brilliant-gorgeous-fabulous Mork Cafe and the beautiful people parade at The Kettle Black. A visit to Belle’s Hot Chicken in Fitzroy was rewarded with crispy chicken, delivered straight from the fryer. Dusted with a psychedelic red chilli powder each piece was finger licking good and thoroughly spicy.

We also did a long lunch at Cumulus Inc. We grazed for hours; so long that we went into the second sitting. Plates of cauliflower dusted with spiced salt, boudin noir with smoked tomatoes and creamy burrata with olives and croutons were served straight from the kitchen a mere metre away. Ending with baked-to-order lemon curd madeleines and a glass of meringue, chocolate and pineapple, it was a perfection.

I have a few mandatory stops whenever in Melbourne: Magnation (Perth, we need a magazine shop stat), anywhere with coffee (consolation prize – Dukes Roastery has opened in Perth) and now, Shelley Panton. With a pottery throwing studio behind the counter and a gorgeous inventory of Opinel knives, copper wire baskets and good Aussie cookbooks, this shop left me much, much poorer.

Love you, Melbourne! Let’s meet up again.


Beatrix | 688 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Homely, itty bitty cafe that’s utterly charming. Red velvet, pistachio sponge and tangelo chiffon cakes round out the vintage chic.

Belle’s Hot Chicken | 150 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Diner style fried chicken. Sadists: try the really fucking hot heat level.

Cumulus Inc | 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
The epitome of modern Australian – fresh, textural and full of flavour. Grab a seat overlooking the kitchen, order everything and don’t forget the madeleine.

Doughboys Doughnuts
Totally GORGEOUS doughnuts that are fresh, light and fluffy. Stocked at various cafes too.

Dukes Coffee at Ross House | 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Want to see hipsters? Get thee to Dukes. Plywood and San Marzocco paradise.

The Kettle Black | 50 Albert Road, South Melbourne
If good design and good food had a love child, Kettle Black would be it. Try the lobster roll or the Cape Grim beef in the signature black roll

Manchester Press | 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne
Always busy but for a good reason – their coffee is on point. Buy the beans for back home, you won’t regret it.

Magnation | 110 – 112 Greville Street, Prahran
I get my yearly fix of Lucky Peach from here.

Mork Cafe | 150 Errol Street, North Melbourne
There is nothing, NOTHING I do not love in this space. The vanilla bean soda that comes out of the wall, the vertical garden and last but not least, the hot chocolates. For example. the campfire chocolate: smoke trapped under a wine glass with smooth chocolate poured over and a flamed marshmallow stirred in. Heaven.

Shelley Panton | 440 Malvern Road, Prahran
Ceramics, home wares and French things. Just take my money.

St Kilda Esplanade Market | Upper Espalanade, St Kilda
If it’s Sunday and the weather’s up to it, get down to the Esplanade for shopping and food trucks by the sea.


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