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Welcome to libertine eats, a journal of food, travel and life. I’m Mei, an engineer who thinks using third person to describe yourself on your blog is just plain weird. I live in possibly, the loneliest city in the world – Perth, Western Australia. Despite the insufferably long journey to get to anywhere else in the world, Perth is one blessed place to live in. (A quick tour: beaches, sunshine, thriving inner city culture, wine regions and lots of good food).

As much as I do love Perth and its food, I just might adore travel even more. On this blog I hope you will find your curiousity piqued, an interesting recipe or travels that spark wanderlust.

Apart from loving food and eating it, I also love writing about it. I’m available for freelance writing (check out my portfolio). If you’d like to discuss a project or say hi (hi!) drop me a comment below, email me or peruse the contact form. Even better, ping me or follow me on Instagram, which I am totally obsessed with.

Happy eating and travels!



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