bak zang season

      It’s been on the to-do list for years, but this year was the year – our year for bak zang. You see, it’s a lot of work making bak zang and the devil, as usual, is in the detail. Prepping the leaves, marinating the pork, soaking the mushrooms and so on, is […]

plum and oat muffins

  Another muffin recipe to hail the end of another stone fruit season. I really like autumn (it means my birthday is coming up) but it also means winter is arriving which means certain things. The kettle being brought out of hibernation, living in knits and of course, the inevitable end of summer’s spectacular bounty. […]

belgian waffles

  I got the best present for Christmas. Something I’d been wanting for years thinking if I had one, my life would be complete. It was like looking for The One, Mr. Right, my appliance-soul-mate. Looking online, lusting over American versions (oh All Clad!) and looking forlornly at Gelare’s gorgeous cast irons, after six years […]

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