plum and oat muffins

  Another muffin recipe to hail the end of another stone fruit season. I really like autumn (it means my birthday is coming up) but it also means winter is arriving which means certain things. The kettle being brought out of hibernation, living in knits and of course, the inevitable end of summer’s spectacular bounty. […]

pear & chai spice muffins

Winter has well and truly set in. While the mornings are absolutely freezing at the moment, I’m relishing the opportunity to stay in and read. There’s nothing better than smushing myself into the recliner and flicking through Kinfolk, or  my current favourite, Anthology (both can be found at Studio Bomba or online at Magnation). If […]

peach crumble muffins

Peach season is one I look forward to every single year. Not apricots, nectarines, not even plums but fat fuzzy peaches, that are so juicy you have to eat them leaning over the sink. For me, they’re the ideal experience of summer. Their easily bruised, delicate nature and their transient ripeness mean they’re fleetingly precious. […]

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