high tea : terrace hotel

  It’s been a long while since the last high tea post. There were a couple of lacklustre high teas not worth posting about but this one, this one’s been worth the wait. This is the one worth dressing up for, the high tea with both style and substance. The Terrace Hotel arrived on the […]

high tea : bellisa cafe

  Sometimes high teas come from the least expected locations. If I told you this high tea was served within view of a Harley Davidson dealership in a pot holed car park, would you believe me? This rather fetching one is served at Bellisa Cafe, in little old Bedford (parts of which need a dire […]

koko black

Hot chocolate affogato – belgian hot chocolate poured over vanilla bean ice cream… As much as I love Koko Black’s decadent drinks, I love their handmade Belgian chocolates the best. K has been mail ordering over boxes of Koko Black chocolates and to say I’m glad they’ve opened in Perth is an understatement. (Mail ordering […]

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