the old crow

  It was one of those summer days where it wasn’t too hot, nor too windy: just perfect. In what used to be the front yard of an old house on Newcastle Street was where we sat, under dappled sunshine while watching cars momentarily slow and rush off again. This is The Old Crow, a […]

la veen coffee

Brioche, aioli and eggs, with candied serrano ham. So, so rich, but so, so good. Located on the corner of King Street and Wellington, La Veen is all dark wood and handsome looks. With a Synesso machine as the crown jewel, it does coffee well, but the food might even be better. So much better, […]

comida do sul

  A proper spring day with not a cloud in the sky and waves crashing in the distance, a day in Perth could not get any better. Fifty metres down the footpath from Bib & Tucker (overrated/suffers the mediocrity that is afforded by its view) is the cheery and laid back food truck that is […]

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