Oh my, how time flies. Can you believe it’s already September? Well I can’t, and I can’t believe I’ve left the blog unattended for this long. There’s so much to tell you. I’ve been eating out heaps, but I have to say, eating without having the blog in mind, not having to remember everything […]


Siciliana pizza, $16. Topped with anchovy, olives, cacciatore sausage, chilli and lots of stringy, melty cheese… From Portuguese egg tarts to soft tacos, tasting this year’s nominees for the Feast Food Awards was so much fun (and calories!!)… but if I had to pick the most memorable find, it would be Ruocco’s. To be honest, […]

thanh liem

  It all started with my Vietnamese aunt. Lunches at her house were sheets of rice rolls filled with wood fungus and pork mince, drenched in a pungent, sweet and salty fish sauce concoction. Or sometimes, it was spring rolls filled with a smooth paste of pork and prawn, wrapped in damp rice paper that […]

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