the flooded forest & psar chaa market, cambodia part 2

In the flooded forest. After a day at wandering around Angkor, we welcomed a change of scenery. Angkor’s truly amazing, but there are only so many temples you can see before they start blurring into one another. (I wrote about Angkor Park in a part one post.)   Tonle Sap After an early breakfast, we […]

siem reap, cambodia part 1

  Ta Prohm While making last year’s holiday plans, it appeared we had a few days to spare after Bangkok. So there it was, staring me in the face, the chance to fulfil a ‘bucket list’ dream and see Angkor Wat. Whether it was time or money, the chance had always eluded us and we […]

bangkok part 2

The Erawan Shrine. This is part two of our trip to Bangkok. Which was quite a while ago, at the beginning of the year in fact! I’ll be finishing off this travel series with our 3 day stay in Cambodia, which is a post coming soon (promise!).   New Year’s Eve dinner at Flow New […]

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